back to article Google pays for Affero ban

Google's ban on projects licensed under the Affero GPL license has claimed its first victim. The ClipperZ online password manager has defected to rival code host SourceForge. ClipperZ said it was transferring from Google Code to SourceForge because it wanted to use AGPL. The AGPL-licensed Orangemesh open source dashboard …


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  1. Doc
    Paris Hilton


    ...thought it was banning afros and I would need a haircut

    Aussie Doc

    PH coz she doesn't have an afro...come on, we've all seen it!

  2. leslie

    die google!

    I thought it said banning aeros, nothing comes between me and my chocolate!

  3. Matt Lee

    List of free software licenses

    The GNU project has a suitable list of free software licenses, which may be more appropriate than the OSI list, if they're dragging their heels on the AGPL.

    Also, GNU Savannah provides Sourceforge-like hosting for AGPL projects. If freedom is an issue, as seems to be the case here, then Savannah is an ideal place for projects to get hosted.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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