back to article Spam busters blacklist MessageLabs and chums

One of the biggest spam block lists on the internet suffered an embarrassing technical cock-up today which blocked emails from some servers at web security monitoring firm MessageLabs and at some ISPs for about five hours. The CBL (Composite Blocking List), a DNS blacklist that takes its source data from very large spamtraps …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    I don't think blacklisting them counts as a mistake...

  2. Tuomo Stauffer

    You get what you preach

    It's getting old! These "block lists" are there to make money to some company, nothing really blocking spam or whatever. The e-mail system has gone bad - my e-mails (from many servers I have to keep just because one day Google is black listed, one day it is a group of IPs where my private server is, one day my Hotmail, and so on, a long list), I'm lucky if I get 5xx error (or some other error to tell me) but often the mail just goes to NULL. And every time it is one of these "services" to block SPAM. There are much easier (and cheaper on long run) ways to fight SPAM and other things you don't want to come through your e-mail!

  3. Andrew Vliet
    Gates Halo

    I say block the dirty buggers.

    They're a spam enabler. Not to mention all the "newsletters" they send out themselves.

    I (heart) Microsoft. They make me feel all warm and fuzzy. Or is that noxious.

    Bill with a halo - because "Give us your money. We know what's best for us. I mean, you."

    No, I didn't say they are /all/ bad - just mostly and greedy t'boot.

    Troll troll troll your message, gently down the thread..!

  4. Anonymous Coward

    I don't think what you said

    counts as a joke AC. Back when I was using Hotmail we were blocked by all sorts of spam lists probably deservedly. Surprising email works at all with all the blacklisting.

  5. Pete

    Who would this bother? No, really?!

    HoTMaiL has got one of the longest freemail shelf-lives of all the freemails I know - but it's got to be the clunkiest and most cumbersome webmail app out there and is slowly but surely being overtaken by the king of freemail, GMail. (

    Hopefully this will spur some of the ad-funded freetards to at least get what they are clicking for, a quality service!

    Paris because she could afford to buy an ISP and give us freemail funded by pictures of her wearing not a lot.

    Mine's the invisible one with 16 digital cameras sewn in for perv purposes...

  6. Richard Kay

    CBL reliability

    I got onto the CBL list myself for a few hours on account of an unfixed Sendmail bug in Debian which also affects Ubuntu see:

    I don't think having an erroneous HELO string due to a Sendmail boot problem should get you blacklisted. It's not as if this means you are sending any spam.

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