back to article BOFH: Lift laughs

"You HAD to push the button, didn't you?" the PFY snaps angrily at the Boss in the dark of the elevator. "I only just TOUCHED it!" the Boss snivels. "It's not like I actually PRESSED it!" "Now, now," I say. "No use crying over fried control panels. We need to take a look at how bad it is before we start getting upset. And …


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  1. Steve Foster

    Hmmm, Security vs BOFH/PFY

    I really *really* wouldn't want to be in the way on that one. Just somewhere with a damn good view.

  2. Stewart Knight

    The BOFH back on form!

    I wanted to be the first to say this, as no one's said it in a while!

  3. Trevor

    Lift me up Spotty

    Spot-welded the access hatch to the lift eh? That's going to be the world's biggest set of spot-welding jaws by a massive margin. Or an interesting bolt-on to the PFY's pinch...

  4. Simon Painter

    Nice one...

    Strong work.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    If the pinch atays in the story we need scematics

    Detailed schematics required, enquiring minds wish to verify the veracity of this tale. Besides, there's a certain credit institution that I have to deal with who could do with a series of inexplicable hardware failures.

  6. Mark Cooper
    Paris Hilton

    Fantastic Imagery as usual

    I must admit that whenever I read BOFH I always try to picture the scene as in a movie, with well known actors taking the roles. In this case...

    BOSS - Kelsey Gammer

    BOFH - Ricky Gervais

    PFY - ?? - open to suggestions

    Rescuer - Bruce Willis

    Paris - as herself, somewhere.

  7. David Austin
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    Nice to see a bit of Boss and BOFH mutual partnership going on here - Clearly a Pointy-head who knows enough to keep on the right side of the digital rogues by signing things without question, and not intervining in the face of impending doom.

    here's hoping for a few more episodes with this boss, before the status-quo returnes.

  8. Stu
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    Epic. Truely Epic!

    Its not often one laughs away to BOFH on a slow friday afternoon as the building lift gets stuck with three young ladies from sales in it. I had _nothing_ to do with it mind...

    Oh if only i was in there.....

  9. Anonymous Coward
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    Absolutely bloody awesome, can we get more continuations like this in future.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: BOFH - Ricky Gervais

    What? Obviously, the BOFH is John Cusack.

  11. Kevin Crisp

    PFY Actor

    The guy with the false eye from Pirates of the Caribean <check IMDB> Mackenzie Crook apparently.

  12. dervheid

    Pinch schematics?

    Yes Please!

    PS, the BOFH couldn't possibly be Ricky Gervais, as the BOFH is actually FUNNY, and does not appear to have his head up his own creative arse!

    Standard issue 'Office' resistant one, with no 'Extras'

  13. James

    Nicely setup

    Great bofh, one of my favourites. Just imagining the look on the PFY's face as he heads off to security...

    RIcky Gervais? Narggh. Not John Cusack either. Hmm, I need to ponder on this one.

  14. tim chubb

    Re: BOFH - Ricky Gervais

    Persoanally i always see them as the sociopathic trotter brothers ;-)

  15. Karl

    BOFH Movie Roles

    I could see Simon Pegg doing a half decent job.

  16. Anonymous Coward

    Re:BOFH - Ricky Gervais

    John Cusack??? - way too young - Hugh Laurie would nail the part of the BOFH

  17. Jonathan White

    BOFH - the movie

    >BOFH - Ricky Gervais

    Dylan Moran, surely?

    >PFY - ?? - open to suggestions

    Mackenzie Crook, IMO.

  18. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: BOFH - the movie

    Mackenzie Crook would be ideal were he not in his late thirties.

    Besides I'm sick of the sight of his giant eyebagged face on those posters.

  19. Michael Miller

    No, No, No

    BOFH - Christpher Walken

    Boss - Rowan Atkinson

    PFY - Simon Pegg

    Rescuer - Paris (because she knows all about going down a shaft)

  20. TEQ

    Why would anyone consider that talentless little tickturd Gervais

    Suitable for any role, even a cheese and tomato one.

  21. Anonymous Coward
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    Stephen Tordoff

    PFY - Simon Pegg

    BOFH - Hugh Laurie

    Boss - Rowan Atkinson

  22. NoCo37

    Re:Re:BOFH - Ricky Gervais By:AC 13:54 GMT

    Good call

  23. Anonymous Coward

    BOFH - the movie

    Why care about actors. The question is: who owns the film rights?

    (and who came up with the word movie - any Americans among us?)

    Mine's the one with the St. Andrew's cross.


  24. Dave Bell

    So who gets played by Peter Lorre

  25. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: BOFH - the movie

    Heath Ledger would have been a great PFY.

  26. Curtis W. Rendon
    Paris Hilton

    @BOFH - the movie

    > and who came up with the word movie - any Americans among us?

    Texan here, close enough I hope...

    My understanding was that the early movies were played in theaters that previously displayed slide shows, which were quite popular during the 19th century. Anyway, those venues had screens and power suitable for the projectors, and as the images moved...


  27. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: BOFH - the movie

    >>Heath Ledger

    Good grief.

  28. Dave


    Sylvester Stallone (because he's good at making things blow up?)

    Wesley Snipes (because he's crazy, and, besides, equal rights and such)

    Now y'all will have got me thinking about this all afternoon (instead of working!).


    P.S. Mine's the one with the star on the back (since I have been an extra in some successful movies!)

  29. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Life following Art. Who said the Movies aren't Real?

    "here's hoping for a few more episodes with this boss, before the status-quo returnes." .... By David Austin Posted Friday 11th April 2008 13:14 GMT


    I think you'll find IT is replacing it ... with something Beta. After all, papering over the cracks, still leaves all the old hacks in place and who would accept that as Progress whenever it is they who are the Problem.

    "If the pinch atays in the story we need scematics" ... By Anonymous Coward Posted Friday 11th April 2008 13:07 GMT on the right track for Crashing Foxy Poxy Proxy Systems.

  30. David Haig
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    BOFH Movie parts ...

    BOFH => Alan Rickman surely (Sherriff of Nottingham, Die Hard mode)

    PFY => Adrian Edmunson (Young Ones mode)

    Boss =>Joanna Lumley (Patsy mode)

  31. Roland Korn

    A Film by any other name...

    BOFH - Eugene Levy (everyone would think he was the nice guy >_< )

    Boss - William Shatner (a natural for the latest boss incarnation - you cant kill the shat)

    PFY - Pat McKenna (of Red Green fame would play the geeky youth down pat)

    Rescuer - Pamela Anderson only because Paris couldn't carry a tune, forget about any rescue gear

    Mines the one with the little Maple Leaf on the pocket flap.....

  32. Carl
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    A whole new art form emerging

    This is brilliant! I can see it now - the next edition of BOFH will actually go BACK in time by a few days, to lay some groundwork for the welding of the hatch, and the developing relationship (!) with Security. Can't wait!

  33. Michael Miller

    @Stephen Tordoff

    ok Hugh Laurie would work too. I had him confused with Hugh Grant........

  34. Andrew Gordon

    RE: Fantastic Imagery as usual

    I think the perfect fit for the PFY would be Simon Pegg!

    BTW great story as usual....

  35. Sloany
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    Re: BOFH Ricky Gervais

    If Ricky is BOFH then MacKenzie Crook just has to be PFY. Boss has to be Rowan Atkinson.

    Remember this is set in the UK.

    Those guys would fit just perfectly. I think our Mr Simon T should seriously think about maybe throwing this up for possible future tv use. It'd be "to die for".

  36. Trader

    BOFH - The Movie?

    BOFH - John Malkovich

    PFY - Crispin Glover

    The Boss - Tom Arnold

    Paris - Ru Paul

    Rescuer - Dennis Leary

    Head of IT - Eddie Izzard

    Head Beancounter - Frank Oz (doesn't he always play those kind of rolls?), Lewis Black or Simon Cowell

    Ceo - Special cameo appearance Simon Travaglia

  37. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Another great one. Good to see follow up from one episode to the next.

    Now that you've said Ricky Gervais I can't see anyone but him! The sarcasm, the sharp edge to the voice... Simon Pegg could do it and he is a better actor by far but I think Ricky would have the edge.

    PFY? It depends on if this is a re imagining etc. There is a long history here to try to bring to the screen so the actor could depend upon if we're looking at the young lad who arrived all those years ago or the bloke in his late twenties (or older) that the PFY must be by now.

    Boss, same as above. The current boss seems to know which side his bread is buttered on and has stayed out of jail, the looney bin or the morgue by simply not getting in the way and showing a constructive interest rather than the intrusive interest others have.


    Fantastic! AGAIN!

  38. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    BOFH movie

    How about Christopher Ecclestone for the BOFH role?

  39. Shane Lusby

    Pinch schematic

    I would definitely agree with Dylan Moran for the BOFH and Simon Pegg for the PFY.

    And without putting to much time into seaching here is a pinch link

  40. Herby

    You need the proper references for actors

    "I need to go to Radio Shack and get some rosin core solder"

    ---Used Cars, 1980

    It has a few BOFH moments.

  41. Ron Christian

    Casting BOFH

    > PFY - ?? - open to suggestions

    Shia LaBeouf

  42. Pete

    Actors revisited

    It just has to be:

    BOFH - Alan Rickman

    PFY - Charles Laughton (I know, but I can dream...)

    Boss - Jim Broadbent

    Rescuer - Jason Streatham

    Head of Security - Jeremy Irons

    Paris - herself

    Guess that's why I don't work in casting... :-)

  43. Charley
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    BOFH fillum

    I could definately see Stephen Fry (BOFH), Hugh Laurie (PFY) and Rowan Atkinson (Boss). Maybe Tim McInnerny as a bean counter.

    Anyone else see where this is going?

  44. Michael Voase

    Well done Simon...

    As for doing a movie, do a movies initially, but the TV series format is a better option for this kind of story line. Select your best and most historic episodes, pump them into a movie format, then go the TV serial. Your writing format suits the TV serial mode (like the old Doctor Who) but if you add the week to week connection between episodes ( like you have done with this latest contribution) you would have a recipe for a wickedly funny weekly serial.

    Anyway, well done, I still have the image of the PFY heading for security central with the pinch in hand....

    Cheers Mik.

  45. Anonymous Coward


    Spot Weld, as in spots (dabs of) weld, as opposed to a continuous bead. Can be made with your common-or-garden MIG welder...

    Mine's the anorak and leather welding apron...

    P.s. Rowan Atkinson as the boss...brilliant. Rupert Grinch for PFY? (with a wig, natch, the PFY has enough problems without being ginger!)

  46. Fuzzy

    Another great episode

    Simon does keep outdoing himself on these.

    After the week I've had I entertained visions of myself dragging in a roll of carpet and bag of lime to deal with the users and Management, (Management ppffttt, they couldn't manage a piss up in a brewery) I thought about using the Pinch but, considering the state of "pissed off" I'm in I'd just rip the internals out and fill it with brick so i could just swing at the head of the next manager grinning stupidly at me

    Hugh Laurie would definitely have to be the BOFH he plays the BDFH so well, too well in fact.

    Skull 'cause that's what I'm going to crack of the next person that hands me a job that was due last week and only just remembered to hand it over to me

  47. Angus Ireland

    BOFH Movie

    I believe in BOFH 2000: Episode 4, the BOFH said that he...

    ...was working on the screenplay for a Bastard movie called A Few Good Simms, to star Jack Nicholson as me, Demi Moore as the unrequited love interest and Tom Hanks as the Boss. (I would have used Tom Cruise, but that's just cliche)

  48. ben edwards

    Being John...

    Malkovich for the win. As any character. Cept Paris.

  49. Mike Smith
    Thumb Up

    BOFH fillum

    "I could definately see Stephen Fry (BOFH), Hugh Laurie (PFY) and Rowan Atkinson (Boss). Maybe Tim McInnerny as a bean counter. Anyone else see where this is going?"

    Yep - and I think it has to be

    BOFH - Rowan Atkinson

    PFY - Adrian Edmondson

    Boss - Hugh Laurie

    CEO - Stephen Fry

    Company Bike - Paris

    Head Beancounter - Tim McInnery

  50. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    BOFH Movie

    BOFH = Chris O'Dowd

    PFY = Richard Ayoade

    BOSS = Chris Morris

    Hmm, I'm getting a strange deja-vu feeling at the mo

  51. Chris Hamilton

    @ Jaowon

    >BOFH = Chris O'Dowd

    >PFY = Richard Ayoade

    >BOSS = Chris Morris

    >Hmm, I'm getting a strange deja-vu feeling at the mo

    That would be the ideal cast, only I wouldn't have Chris Morris. The boss of IT has to be the lovely Katherine Parkinson. :-)

    Or another dream cast to move away from the IT crowd....

    BOFH = Bill Bailey

    PFY = Simon Pegg

    BOSS = Nick Frost

    Rescuer = Peter Serafinowicz

    Hold on.... wasn't that Spaced?? Why don't we just make a new series of that?

  52. Russell
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    BOFH Characters

    BOFH - Dylan Moran

    PFY - Stephen Mangan (Guy off Green Wing)

    Boss - Charlie Brooker

  53. Keiran

    David Tennant as PFY?

    He's great at highspeed techno-babble, and he can certainly do that crazy 'I'm going to kill someone' look!

  54. Anonymous Coward
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    So, they're replacing the security department, then?

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  55. Josh

    Re: BOFH/PFY vs Security

    That company's gonna need a new security staff in short order...

  56. Tim Lane

    Perfect World

    I tend to Imagine Simon as Paul Kaye in Perfect World. Michael Cochrane would make a good boss too. PFY is a little harder, perhapse Rasmus Hardiker (Raymond from Saxondale).

    God I love IMDB.

    Otherwise Richard E Grant for Simon.

  57. Anonymous Coward

    Look here! A Pinch......

  58. Richard Witton
    Thumb Up


    How about the genius that is Chris Barrie for a part in the BOFH blockbuster...

  59. DeBeep
    Paris Hilton

    BOFH is going down

    what the hell is going on. ~Three ( 2.75 )PFYs in a row. The cojones on that guy.....

    BOFH might as well hang up his usb key and call it a session....

    A timely exit in order for BOFH.?!

    utterly disgusting.......

    and BTW still waiting for a faceoff with Paris Hilton

  60. Anonymous Coward

    BOFH the movie cast

    BOFH = Gene Hackman (Enemy of the State)

    PFY = Justin Long (Live Free or Die Hard)

    Boss = William Shatner

    IT Director = Marina Sirtis

    CEO = James Cromwell

    CFO = Kellsey Grammar <sp?>

    Head of Security = G.W. Bailey

  61. steve lampros

    The IT Crowd

    After finally seeing all of the IT Crowd, I'm wondering why Simon hasn't sued them all at the BBC?

  62. Tim

    Lets just set you all straight...


    BOFH - Adrian Edmondson

    PFY - Tom Felton aka Draco Malfoy (20)

    Boss - Steven Fry

    Head Bean Counter - Rowan Atkinson (Blackadder mode)

  63. Christoopher Beatson
    Thumb Up

    In case noone said it

    BOFH - Dennis Leary.

  64. zentross
    Gates Horns

    Dennis Leary would make an AWSOME BOFH

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  65. Gary
    IT Angle

    @ steve lampros

    "After finally seeing all of the IT Crowd, I'm wondering why Simon hasn't sued them all at the BBC?"

    Prob because the IT Crowd was on Channel 4.

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