back to article Microhoo! deal roadmap goes round in circles

Microsoft's hostile takeover bid for Yahoo! is starting to resemble a corporate speed-dating night, as rival suitors jump back in the running. Last night the company revealed an advertising trial using Google's AdWords which Microsoft - no stranger to competition courts around the world - described as anti-competitive. And …


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  1. Dave

    Hang on, isn't this the Rise of the Anti-Christ?

    Newscorp, Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL - MySpace, Yahoo, MSN, AOL. Surely this is attempt at gathering up all that is Evil and Lame on the internet and concentrating them together in one uber-evil-frankenstein hybrid site where it literally rains adverts. All they need to do is to get Phorm on board and Gondor will phall.

  2. Danyer

    AOL + Yahoo






    whatever :)

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    A choice of Bill or Wupert

    Let it be Bill, please, anything but Wupert. No! No! I hear the News Corps Helicopters.

  4. Kevin Mac Uistin

    @AOL + Yahoo

    American On Line Yahoos

  5. James Pickett
    Gates Horns

    Idea partner for MS

  6. Jach

    Such evil...

    I agree with Dave.

    On another note, AOL is still around?

  7. Tim Bates


    At least with a sudden increase in popularity, any sale will likely be some months away, or perhaps yahoo's value and popularity will increase from all the attention and they won't sell at all.

    On the down side though, that means we all have to wait months for the final result.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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