back to article Tag Heuer handset pictures leaked on web

Pictures have emerged of the first mobile handset phone designed for high-end timepiece manufacturer Tag Heuer. tag_3 tag_2 Tag Heuer's Meridiist has a 1.9in screen and two-megapixel camera The company announced back in November 2007 that it would be designing its own handset, following in the footsteps of rival fashion …


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  1. Tom Austin
    Thumb Down

    Is it me...

    ...or is it completely, utterly, unacceptably ugly?

  2. Paul Westerman
    Thumb Down

    No, not just you

    Looks like a concept design from CES circa 1987

  3. Finch

    Could do with it

    I like the second display. Clever.

    There a video where the phone can be seen :

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