back to article HP launches Linux-loaded Eee PC rival

HP has launched its attempt to grab a little or a lot of the Asus Eee PC's success, two months after the sub-notebook slipped out onto the web. Pitched primarily at schools, the 2133 Mini-Note PC sports a 'choice' of 7in or 9in display, and is available with SuSE Linux pre-installed. HP 2133 Mini-Note HP's 2133 Mini-Note: …


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  1. David Gosnell

    Nice, but not small

    It's only about two inches narrower than my brick of a Toshiba, and hardly any thinner. Nice machine, but still no Eee beater for sheer slip-in-your-travel-bag portability.

  2. REMF

    Excellent choice of SUSE

    Looking forward to the Isaiah CPU powered version

  3. Anonymous Coward
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    WXGA? Express card slot for my HSDPA card? Don;t give a rat's about bluetooth, so consider one bought. The Aluminium case should look pretty too.

    Which (and I don't care what anyone else says) is important.

  4. Richard

    Price too good to be true?

    I guess for $500 you get the low side of the spec but it does look good.

    In the UK its bound to be at least £300, so maybe on par with the low-end 15" laptops but with a much more portable form factor.

    Battery life and actual screen size will be key though.

  5. paul
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    £230 - looks like the eeePC is not only revolutionising linux desktop sales , but price of these laptops as well!

    Well done HP - I was sure it would be a very expensive offering.

  6. Jamie Kitson

    Noisy CPU?

    Surely it's the fan that's noisy, which would be down to the manufacturers of the case rather than the CPU?

  7. Dave
    Paris Hilton

    Just one Question

    Where's the Bird On The Beach angle?

    Paris, because.

  8. Seeker
    Paris Hilton

    Wheres the beach lady?

    I am very disappointed that some manufacturers still think it's acceptable to release a new product without a shot of a blonde using it whilst sunbathing. How will I know that the product is sand & water resistant and completely immune to the effects of direct sun on its screen .... erm.

  9. Ralph B
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    Re: Wheres the beach lady?

    Yeah, too right. I think we need Jessica Alba in a _very_ small bikini to convince us about several technical aspects of this HP PC.

    ('Specially after that nasty multifunction printer of theirs I've just thrown out).

  10. David Edwards

    Less is more

    Asus hit the nail on the head with the EEE becuase they followed the less is more approach and HP are in danger of (accidentally) killing off the ultra-low-cost-ultra-mobile market before its matured. Whilst the HP looks like a good balence (and yes, I do want one) if the next announcement in this class is "a bit more spec, a bit bigger and a bit more £" then low and behold they will haev invented the laptop, like everyone already has.

    I already have a BIG laptop thats a desktop replacement spec, great for taking to a few offices and at home, but currenly im stomping round London 3 days a week and dont want to carry a big beast, but still neeed to to a bit of remote desktop, email client and web brwosng. The EEE looks ideal and so does the HP but if they get more expensive it will be hard to justify having 2 laptops, which im sure is a market for these. Still, im off to find one to buy now!

  11. George Johnson
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    @Dave - Me too!

    Yeah, I too was very disappointed not have seen our favourite sub-notebook user, in situ on said beach blanket!

  12. W
    Dead Vulture


    What's the point of the pencil? Why not a piece of string?

    Something like a dummy credit card would have been a whole load more useful.

  13. Jonny F

    8.9inch screen = root(L + W) + edges.

    25.6 centimeter = 10.1 inch

    16.5 centimeter = 6.5 inch

    Diagonal = root(102 + 42) = 12.0 inch

    so an 8.9 inch screen seems right, with an inch and a half at either end for the case.

    Normally i'd post an interesting comment. At least to me. Can't help it, see some numbers and an unanswered question, had to do it. Now where's my coat?

  14. Nexox Enigma

    Looks neat...

    So it seems that for $500 this thing is higher performance than my 4 year old Fujitsu ultra portable.

    Pending an in person test of that keyboard, looks like I'm going to need at least one.

  15. Herby

    I noticed one thing...

    I saw an article in a local newspaper here, and while the $500 price tag is for the box with Linux, the price for one with Vista was $600. Maybe they can sell more without the Microsoft TAX!

    I don't know if they added anything to make it Vista OK, but $100 sounds about right for a Microsoft License.

  16. Charles Manning

    Asus 4315

    I recently considered buying an EEE PC, but ended up buying a Asus 4315 with factory loaded Ubuntu. Cheaper than an EeePC (after cashback), better specced (except the size).

  17. Chris Ellis
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    Battery Life

    Considering that the VIA PICO-ITX (Same processor and chipset) consumes 10W of power under full load, I bet the battery life is excellent.

    I really want one of these, However SUSE will need to be replaced by Mandriva.

  18. heystoopid
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    Reminded me

    Reminded me of the ultra light weight P2 & P3 Toshiba Portege 3000 series of the late nineties but fed a large dose of cpu steriods to spice the performance !

  19. Lawrence


    I personally think these subnotebooks are utter crap. I was first interested in the ASUS Eee PC because it had linux pre-installed, but when I found out that Xandros was the OS I was immanently turned offf. Guy's, a customized OS with limited functionality is not going to sell, might as well have Windows XP pre-installed on these notebooks. What would really make these subnotebooks more "quality like" is a user friendly version of Eedora, hell even the typical version of Eedora is better than Suse or Xandros. A subnotebook with crappy specs and limited functionality, where all you do is use the interent and certain programs is a rip-off, give me a real notebook anyday.

  20. Mikael Jansson

    User-replacable keyboard?

    It's a US keyboard layout, but I'd rather have the two-row enter and <>| right of left shift, i.e., Scandinavian/UK(?) keyboard.

    Is it known if the keyboard will be replacable easily afterwards, or if we're stuck with the US one? (If one would buy the lappie from the US /today/).

  21. REMF

    Win XP

    would be a massive turn-off for me, I am very glad they picked SUSE linux.

  22. David

    Clove want a tad bit more then "$500"

  23. Eddie Johnson

    Don't play the manufacturers Lying Game

    The CRT makers got their asses sued off for playing this 14.9"=15" game and I thought the lesson had been learned with all the new LCD monitors. Please don't start back down this road, if their monitor is 7.9" call it 7" and shame them into providing the full amount.

    Its bad enough the HD guys are still getting away with defining their own custom units. I'm just waiting for the day when I go to the grocery for a dozen eggs and there's fine print on the carton: "For the purposes of this sale, 1 dozen has been defined as 10"

  24. Julian


    How many USB connections?

  25. A J Stiles

    @Eddie Johnson

    Legally speaking, "inch" is now a slang term. The old definition of 25.4mm. is no longer binding. As long as the specifications clearly state the correct size in official measuring units (i.e., centimetres or millimetres) they can call it however the hell many inches they like.

    It's actually fun to check out different manufacturers' "exchange rates" .....

  26. Leona

    boyz & toyz

    What are you guys like, so it doesn't matter how 'good' a product is, as long as there is a blonde 'babe' using it, you'll buy it? suckers!

    It is good to see another manufacture taking Linux seriously and putting it on their devices, I'll give them a point for that.

  27. crayon

    bloody marketing depts

    "That's the front thickness - HP didn't say how much bigger the 2133 gets at the back"

    WTF would one want to know the thickness of the thinnest edge? I want to know the thickness of the thickest edge TYVM. Bloody tw@ts.

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