back to article Influential tech pundit says iPhone 'will be 3G in 60 days'

Industry-favoured tech journalist Walt Mossberg - well, he does write for the Wall Street Journal - has claimed the 3G iPhone will be here "in 60 days". That timeframe, if correct, takes us into early June. That's almost a year on from 2007's announcement of iPhone availability, which took place on 11 June. The Apple handset …


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  1. Jamie Edwards

    Walt: No original sources or predictions

    If you e-mail Walt (he does respond to them sent via his WSJ website), he will send you back a standard statement saying he was only resonating recent analyst predictions, and making no original ones from sources we don't already know of.

  2. Pete Silver badge

    I'm sure the advertisers can't wait

    For all the hype that will surround this launch (not that it will get to the UK anytime soon).

    It will be interesting to see if the fanboys remember how they were stung by early adoption of the original (dare we say "old") iphone - what with the price cuts so soon after it's launch.

    For the rest of us, who don't need a trendiness badge and just want to make a few calls, I'd sum it all up with a big fat YAWN

  3. Glenn Gilbert

    About time

    The other phones on the market are truly Neanderthal in comparison with the iPhone's slick interface. I spent a couple of hours wandering the High Street looking at alternatives to the iPhone and the conclusion I drew is that they're all universally awful for doing the things *I* want to do: browsing, emailing, listening to music, etc.

    The iPhone's accuracy of browsing, gestures, screen scrolling, zooming, rotating, the bright screen, ease of use, even the virtual keyboard... They're just wonderful up against the 1990's browsers of the others, their confusing UIs, lack of touch screen on many/most phones, use of numeric keypads for typing. The Samsung F490 needs to be especially mentioned as being *really* awful - it's as much a copy of the iPhone as a child's scribbled drawing is to a Constable).

    And then there's the tariffs. According to Vodafone, 120Mb is unlimited browsing. Well I suppose it would be on those other handsets. Now O2 have dropped their rates, it almost look as if they're a good option. Pity about their network.

    Sure, the iPhone has many faults, but from my brief look around it's going to be extremely successful as there's not much competition.

    Looks like a July launch; Mossberg's predictions are repeating what most people are saying. Confirmation will come in June when Jobs goes on stage.

    Jobs' will more than meet his target of 10M iPhones this year.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Why do we need a 3G iPhone

    iPhone users keep saying that EDGE is fast enough and wifi is available everywhere. So why do we need a 3G iPhone?

    And about the useful stuff that is missing:

    - aGPS

    - A2DP

    - HSDPA

    - BT profiles

    - Edit capable Office applications

    - Video recording

    - 3MP+ camera

    - use of the phone as a modem

  5. Charlie Clark Silver badge

    @Glenn Gilbert

    Like your drivel: "doing the things *I* want to do: browsing, emailing, listening to music, etc." People buy phones to talk to people or send texts and frankly the JesusPhone is pretty shit at both which is why Apple keeps launching stories to keep interest in what is quickly becoming an embarassment because despite all its technical merits sales have not met expectations.

  6. Malcolm Hall
    Jobs Horns


    because the current one can't receive calls when EDGE is connected.

  7. jai

    @CharlieClark & MalcolmHall

    have either of you actually used an iPhone? or are you just trolling with regurgitated rumours that you read somewhere before the iPhone was released last year?

    i'm not had a problem with sending txts or recieving phone calls on mine. it's perfectly possible to send txt messages, you can send to multiple people, the keyboard is very fast to use, i can type a full proper message faster on that than i can a crpy txt msg 1

    the only thing that is missing is MMS, and to be honest, i'd rather send an email for free with the picture at full res than send an expensive mms message

  8. John
    Thumb Down


    In the UK, EDGE support is great in London and practically non-existent everywhere else. For fast data - and the iPhone is all about mobile data - 3G is the only way to go.

    Also, your list of other requirements makes no sense. You can't have, for example, HSDPA without first having a 3G radio in the phone.

  9. Giles Jones Gold badge

    Re: Why do we need a 3G iPhone

    Simple, so shut up those complaining it's not 3G.

    As for all the other features, features are great so long as the phone works. I have GPS and other nice things on my Nokia, but every now and then when someone phones me the mic doesn't work and I have to reboot it.

    What good are features if the core function of the device doesn't work 100%?

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    getting there

    3G is one of the major requirements for me - I travel regularly to Japan and there is no GSM network there.

    I probably will wait awhile and see what happens with the SDK - I won't be getting an iPhone until I can get rid of my PDA, so there are a few shareware apps I will be waiting for first.

  11. Mike Crawshaw

    Can you....?

    Delete a single SMS message rather than an entire "conversation" yet?

    Genuine question. I know that you couldn't do this before, and had to delete the entire "group" rather than having the option to (e.g.) delete the last 4 from 5 messages because the first one was the only one with useful info that needed keeping and the rest were BS.

    (yes, I know there are 3rd party apps available, but for a phone to not have this function available by default would annoy the ever-lovin' @!$£ outta me!)

    Cheers for any (sensible!) replies

  12. Ed
    Thumb Down

    3g really faster?

    I've compared my iPhone to an N95 and frankly I can hardly see any speed difference at all between EDGE and 3G

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: Why we need a 3G iPhone

    I can't speak for folks in other places, but here in Japan where I happen to be, the answer as to why 3G is very simple: We have no GSM here, only 3G and some older homegrown Japanese systems which are incompatible with anything else.

    Thus for Apple, if they want to sell their iPhone in Japan, a 3G version is the only option. And for Japanese iPhone would be customers, no 3G means the iPhone is useless as a phone.

  14. Joel


    John, what network are you on? I've used EDGE round a lot of North Yorkshire, rural Cambridgeshire and beyond. There are areas where I have to drop down to GPRS, but then there isn't any 3G there either.

    What does seem to be rarer than Hen's teeth is HSDPA - rarely find that anywhere....

    So, EDGE is certainly widely available beyond London, and often in areas beyond 3G.

  15. Sithlord


    Hopefully the new one will work in Japan. Its the reason why I havent bought one yet.

  16. Greg


    <troll type="usual" repeat="always">

    It's now nearly capable of two thirds of what my Athena can do.

    There's nothing like using PuTTY to launch a server instance, then VNC'ing into KDE on your phone, launching whatever you like, saving the results, and SCPing them back down to your phone. It feels absolutely bizarre and totally brilliant. :-)


  17. Alan W. Rateliff, II
    Paris Hilton

    EDGE provisioning and missing iPhone features

    A few years ago I had a GPRS phone which was capable of simultaneous data and voice usage. I inquired of Cingular about this and was told by a back-end tech that this kind of provisioning would be available within a year and would only be available to EDGE phones.

    I have an EDGE phone now which is capable of simultaneous data and voice and was just told last week by some woman at AT&T ANS (Advanced Network Services) that this provisioning is not possible within my market, but was available elsewhere. Two things were made clear to me further into the conversation: she was adamant that my unlocked phone is worthless and her tech could help me find a capable phone, and she did not understand at all that I was talking about EDGE even though I thought I had made myself very clear on this point.

    Dual provisioning is in the friggen specifications. That AT&T will not provide this provisioning has to boil down to a matter of policy. A policy of quickly growing bored, and screwing the users, of existing technologies as soon as something new and shiny comes available. So I ask myself, with all this clamor about 4G, why should I even bother migrating to a 3G phone and service when I'm sure that 3G will be abandoned just the same as EDGE was after it was forced onto me, just the same as GPRS was when it was forced onto me, just the same as TDMA and my GAIT phone was when it was forced onto me? Each of these technologies had promises made which were never realized.

    And as for the missing iPhone features, I see little problem with the list provided, minus the obvious dependency upon 3G. A2DP, GPS, modem use, and so on all sound great. My SE K790a has A2DP which I use frequently, I can use it as a PAN access point or a dial-up modem, Java apps provide additional functionality (though no MS or OO document viewing or editing,) and a BT GPS and another Java app provides me with great location awareness (marketing term?)

    Paris, because she, too, lacks a touch-screen interface.

  18. Seanie Ryan

    what fridge?

    has anyone checked if it has been submitted to the FCC for approval? surely it needs to go through that first or has that been forgotten?

    They might announce it in June, but same as last year, it would not release for a few months after that.

    Am i way off here?

    Edge is too slow really.

    I am now , for the first time ever, able to go home/holidays without my laptop and still do all the sys admin i ever need to do on the iphone, and all the entertainment i want, but 3g would be nice. Usable , but not comfortable at present.

    Usability wise , it is streets ahead. Tech wise, a mediocre first offering. Now that it has proven a success, i think Apple will quickly race past the competition on that front.

    and to anybody who complains that texting or anything doesnt do it like the nokia/ other phones. Hug yourself, back in to the corner and repeat "Change is bad".

  19. Rosco
    Dead Vulture

    Stop reporting

    Register - please note that I do not like the iPhone so please stop reporting on it.

    (NB - It's not just me, I know of a few other people who do not like the iPhone - how many more do you need to realise that you must stop reporting on it?)

  20. Anonymous Coward

    @Greg, @Rosco

    Greg - yeah that sounds like an everyday occurrence for every cellphone user out there.

    Rosco - who gives a crap whether you like it or not. Don't read the articles - the title gives it away, move on to something else.

    Message to El Reg - you guys need to start Moderating around here. The comments, while once useful, are just a flame-and-troll playground now. Might be better to just turn them off altogether.

  21. Steve Todd


    For any given subject you'll find at least one person who's not interested/doesn't like it. If you use this as a basis for not posting stuff then you'd see nothing at all on this site. The trick is not to bother reading an artical if you're not interested in it (did iPhone in large letters in the subject not give you a clue?).

  22. WT

    Re: Stop reporting

    Register - please note that I do not like Windows so please stop reporting on it.

    (NB - It's not just me, I know of a few other people who do not like Windows - how many more do you need to realise that you must stop reporting on it?)

  23. Giles Jones Gold badge

    Re: Stop reporting

    I don't like football, many people don't either. But the news always carries stories on it.

    Here's a hint, if you don't like something then ignore it.

  24. Greg


    "Message to El Reg - you guys need to start Moderating around here. The comments, while once useful, are just a flame-and-troll playground now. Might be better to just turn them off altogether."

    Depends. I even put <troll> tags around mine and you still rose to it. Who's the bigger muppet? :-p

  25. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    @Greg, part II

    Actually I didn't rise to it. You only need to read the comments on probably 90% of the articles posted on El Reg to realise that a fair majority of people who post have no clue what they're talking about (like Rosco above, for example). My point about you is what you do with your phone is a totally unrealistic scenario for just about everybody, save for a few hard-core techies who like to show off their flashy gadgets (oo-er missus). So instead of trying to bait people (which I'm a master at, since you "rose" to my post), concentrate on doing something new and unnecessary on your mobile play toy.

    Paris because she knows about getting people to rise to master baiting.

  26. Levente Szileszky
    Thumb Down


    ... who gives a **** about this Walt Mossberg guy, after all his B*ing, seriously?

    You guys are helping him to retain his 'clout' when you report his silly marketing lines.. I mean seriously: this clown is just as unbiased and non-manipulative when it comes to all things Apple as the official Chinese Communist Party newspaper is about recent Tibetan unrests.

    ...3G iPhone is coming? Wow, no sh*t, Walt - who would have thought it in Spring 2008, ehh...!

  27. Levente Szileszky
    Jobs Halo


    Yes, we did. This is why we say what we say - iPhone is so far a shiny crippled cellphone, that is, nothing else - and this is why I have a W960i and a TyTn and would not consider iPhone anytime soon unless some major changes happen.

    You know claiming it's easyand quick to type on the iPhone is just so ridiculous it made me laugh - your is probably the most pathetic Mac-troll post here for long time. :)

  28. Andrew Fenton

    Probem with Iphone = O2

    I did some tests of various networks (have a lot of phones!), and oddly enough in Edinburgh o2 with edge is actually slower than t-mobile (fastest) and Orange over mere GPRS. Duh.

    Anyway, all that needs to be said about the Iphone can be summed up by usage stats: it's the most used mobile browser out there by miles, even though there are bazillions of windoes mobile devices out there. Having used countless Windows Mobile devices, this didn't come as a shock - the Iphone over GPRS is much more usable than WM6 over HSDPA.

  29. Andrew
    Jobs Halo

    Exchange Outlook

    Does anyone know when (if) the iPhone will be able to sync with exchange outlook? I'm ready to dump my increasingly clunky Orange Tytn II as soon as this is the case. It can take me five minutes to make a call by the time I've losed all the programs, seen it crash reset it and waited for it to boot up. Very frustrating...

  30. Dominic Bradbury
    Jobs Horns

    iPhone Shocker

    This will probably shock most of you but I am what you might describe as an Apple Fanboi. I had an iPhone and, I sold it.

    The main issues for me were it's size, fragility and email problems from my AOL account over GPRS where it wouldnt let me send unless it was set to an 02 SMTP server - and then it wouldn't let me send via Wi-Fi.

    At £35 per month this just wasn't good enough so I unlocked it and ebayed the life out of it to recoup some of my outlay.

    I now have a W890i and it's fantastic, offers push email that just works and HSDPA - just a shame I'm still stuck with that contract.

    Unless the 3G iPhone is something pretty special or half the size of the 2G one, i'll be sticking with my W890i.

  31. Greg

    @AC, The Sequel

    First up, if laughing at you is your definition of getting riled up, the people you meet must be really pissed off. :-p

    But if you want to turn an argument, you make out like all the stuff I can do with my Athena is just there to show off. (Personally, I was under the impression that that was about the only thing the iPhone was designed for, but hey.) That's a fairly stupid thing to say - it's an Athena. It's big, it's ugly, the HTC drivers make it lag like hell, and for some reason T-Mobile thought it would look awesome in silver and pink. It is not the kind of thing you show off with.

    What you have to remember is that PuTTY, VNC etc are only on there because I installed them - ie, I need them. I admin servers and it is damned, DAMNED handy to be able to pull my phone out of my pocket anywhere in the world and sort them out. Just ask Maddox.

    Plus, using the massive internal hard drive and a custom media player I installed to watch DivX and Xvid movies on the go is a bonus. ;-) But I guess you can do that with the iPhone to-...what? Sorry? It doesn't support those code.....oh. My bad.

    Sorry mate - for actually doing anything, which is what smartphones are actually for, the Athena wins hands down, again and again and again. The iPhone is just a toy for showing off to your mates.

  32. Rosco

    Did I need to add sarcasm tags?

    Oh dear, was it not clear enough?

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