back to article MokaFive pumps virtual PCs through the cloud

It's the type of problem we've all faced. You're a Windows user desperate to reflect on your Christian faith. Sadly, the only good bible study software out there resides in the open source realm on the Ubuntu Christian Edition operating system. Is Bible study software worth ripping and replacing your entire Windows desktop? We …


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  1. Rebecca Putman


    ...but not very.

    Checking out their website, there's free download buttons all over, but nary a word as to the price for this service. I've always gone with the axiom of "if you have to ask, you can't afford it."

    Additionally, I've seen cra... er, offered at New Age convention booths that smelt similarly of a way to fleece the believers.

    You want free bible study tools? How about for starters - it's free, and you can do searches, multiple translations, etc, etc, etc.

    If you're really so concerned about getting Teh Evil from the intertubes, maybe you should just give up the net. Everybody knows (*wink* *wink*) that nothing good is out there.

    A coat, because I left religion behind some years ago, and find science to be far more pragmatic in the cold.

  2. Darren Starr
    Thumb Down

    Shoot this writer please

    I mean seriously, I clicked the link for the article because I was looking forward to some good old fashioned Christian teasing. After all, this is the first time in the past 2000 years you could laugh at Christian stupidity without being hung for it.

    My big complaint is, MokaFive doesn't actually appear to have anything to do with Christianity and while I believe having a separate article ragging on Christian Linux would be great, other than the fact that MokaFive can run Christian Ubuntu, I can't see any further connection between the two things. MokaFive is just another boring VMM.

    Someone please shoot this author and find a funny one to write an article ragging on the Jesus crispies regarding their "Christian Linux" which I'm guessing doesn't run daemons.

  3. Brett Brennan

    Quite interesting for SMBs...

    Yeah, you can do the same thing with a "real" VMWare license, but MokaFive is providing the proverbial "point-and-click" management interface that small-time CIOs (like me) need to manage a portable, virtualized environment for "clean" client environments.

    Small-Medium Businesses (SMBs) may find this to be an excellent starting point to be able to provide their employees a quick, easy VM environment. This is especially true for being able to create a VM container for working in a customer's environment that allows isolation of their work from your own.

    The "bare metal" implementation is a very nice concept: this would allow slapping a ready-to-work environment onto any reasonable X86 platform, something that is more and more of an issue when working inside a corporate network with locked-down machines but needing a set of tools that can't be loaded by the customer IT department (usually because they're too busy or too stupid...)

    I think I'll play in this sandbox for a bit. If it's good, I hope the price for a "real" subscription isn't too prohibitive - and that it'll work with a Linux host...

  4. 4a$$Monkey


    Ubuntu Christian Edition 3.3

    That's a joke right?


    (Joke alert because I really hope it is one)

  5. myxiplx


    Quite interesting for CAD users as well as SMB's. We're keen to use VMware's virtual desktops, but short of paying £1,400+ per user for IBM blades, CAD performance leaves a lot to be desired.

    A standard set of images that we can roll out to CAD workstations would be a nice solution while we wait for high performance thin clients to come down in price.

  6. Andrew Wood
    Dead Vulture

    Tenuous Link

    What utter garbage.

    Did Mr Vance do any research that qualifies him to say "Sadly, the only good bible study software out there resides in the open source realm on the Ubuntu Christian Edition operating system." It seems he missed e-sword and the SWORD project, both excellent and running on Windows, completely.

    And exactly how many Bible theologists who are too sloppy in their research (not a trait thay are know for I might add) to find the aforementioned options would think. I know ill run a virtual machine and install Ubuntu Christian Edition on it?

    I know the tabloid style of the Register is an essential ingredient to its success but at least try and be accurate and relevant, or even amusing.

  7. Ashlee Vance (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: Tenuous Link

    But, Andrew, I WAS trying to be funny.

    I vow to strive toward higher accuracy around my religion-themed OS reporting in the future.

  8. Glenn

    MokaFive offers a Linux Version called BareMetal

    The BareMetal MokaFive Player can be installed in three ways:

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