back to article Gamers punted performance-enhancing pills

Marathon gaming sessions usually end only when all the pizza and pop has been devoured - or your opponent has fallen asleep. But a Japanese retailer thinks it can boost your videogame performance and staying power by offering you some pills to pop. gaming_pills1 The Blueberry pill: improve gaming performance? If long- …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    And how about some of these

    I've got some tablets for sale that give you a twelve foot penis - not !

  2. Daniel B.

    Do they need it?

    I remember some Korean dude playing a 50-hour game non-stop fuelled only by Ramen and junk food. Of course, after this marathon, when he dropped, he dropped... dead. Oh wait...

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    I find that viagra helps extend joystick waggling sessions.

  4. David Austin

    My Gaming pick-me-up

    I Just chug a bottle of pure Glucose Syrup that costs a pound from Tescos.

    Great for when you need to keep going that little bit longer and more alert, but the crash after it wears out is devestating. Still, got an epic lumines live score with it...

  5. Tim Ling

    My tips for extended gameplay..

    are loads of doritos, various dips, chocolate, beer, tequlia (with limes and salt of course) and a load of friends around to share them :)

  6. Justin Stone

    First Person Shooters

    Caffeine is NOT a suitable drug to enhance the performance of FPS players. It's far better for Strategy players. If you're an FPS player looking for some performance enhancements, try grinding up some ritalin and snorting it....Or good ol' Cocaine!

    This is the reason CPL started doing random drug testing. :p

  7. Colony

    I need more mana?

    Alternatively you could try mana potions ( I somehow doubt thet they're anymore efficient than my general gaming fuel of copious quantities of Blue Bolt and Mars Bars though, those two will keep you going well after it gets light.

  8. Anonymous Coward

    Mad trucker?

    How, precisely, does a mad trucker keep on going?

    In other news, they *do* like their pastels in Asian marketing. I was in Taipei last year, and EVERY ad was a pastel - not necessarily pink, though that color was popular - but I didn't see any color more than 20% saturated the whole time I was there. It's really interesting.

    I bet they even have pink and purple pastel ads to sell chainsaws. Although I'm not sure there's much call for chainsaws in Taipei itself, unless you want to rob a store that sells pastel-colored cell phones...

    I should note for the record that Taipei rocked. The people were great, the food was cheap and fantastic, every corner had a place offering "BACK RUB FOR MAN AND WOMAN", and even Formula One can't rival the glory of a 75-moped-strong standing start as a downtown streetlight turns green. I gotta go back.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    whats next


  10. alistair millington

    To me a LAN ends when

    Your missus comes and picks you up as she hasn't seen you in three days...

    Or she has while you're away, crashed you car into a wall...

    Mines the one that smells of beer & BO...

  11. James Battersby

    So eat loads of fish

    Woopee! More fish fingers for me!

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