back to article AMD will cut 10 per cent of global workforce

AMD plans to cut 10 per cent of its workforce over the next two quarters, after suffering lower-than-expected sales across all business units, the company said today. The chipmaker revealed the flesh shedding, which will affect more than 1,600 people, in an update to its first quarter outlook, which AMD will detail on April 17 …


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  1. Jack Pastor

    Chipmakers are bloated to begin with

    Intel did this a year ago. Chipmakers somehow delude themselves into believing they are "business partners" with end-user customers, and had hired "Business Development Managers" for verticals like Health care and Content Creation.

    Spend more money on engineering and you won't NEED an army of salespeople to convince IT your product is better. They're smart people. They'll figure it out.

    Generalist BDMs who REALLY can explain architecture and roadmaps and strategy are helpful and necessary, but "specialists" who do nothing but buy lunch are a waste in this competitive market.

  2. Erik Aamot

    kudos ...

    .. for the proper use of the word decimation ..

    .. even spelt correctly!

  3. Doug Lynn

    AMD rules still!

    Hi, AMD is still the best bang for the buck, their quad core is much higher tech than Intel. I still am boycotting selling Intel due the knowledge I have about Intel's antitrust violations. The bigger they get the harder they fall.

  4. Kurt
    IT Angle

    AMD rules still!

    I agree. I usually avoid buying Intel chips.

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