back to article How BA handles lost luggage complaints: Shock picture

The Register has this afternoon obtained shock photographic evidence of what happens if British Airways mislays your luggage and you decide to kick up a fuss about it: Our artist's impression of how BA handles lost baggage complaints The enraged passenger in question has just been dragged from a BA flight and subdued by …


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  1. Ben Cross


    That is one quality picture, seems rather ironic real, especially with the 3 policemen and the dog watching over them, as if they were criminals.

    Law & Order in the uk has issues it would seem. Don't think that's the only problem we got either..................

  2. Dean


    Cheers el reg, just the thing to keep me going until hometime!

  3. Echowitch

    Ah friday's

    ROFL just plain good old ROFL :D

  4. Sacha TF Padovani
    Paris Hilton

    What, no SuperModel?

    Where's the Battling Clotheshorse (tm) angle?

    Paris, not-quite-as-much-battling clothes..donkey?

  5. Philip Alexander

    Just how.......

    do you manage to get these exclusive pictures all the time without being caught by the security goons like those featured!!

  6. Darren B

    Clearly the "victim" is resisting arrest

    and is being abusive. Nothing more that a night in the cells, bail conditions and surrendering ones passport is good enough.

    I can see just by the ponytail that this person is a wrongun' and is getting what is the correct form or police action.

  7. Kenny Millar

    And she was wearing

    She was wearing White trousers when she got off the plane ;-)

  8. Sam

    seen before

    Wasn't one of those girls in the black uniform in the Max Mosely video?

  9. Edward Rose

    Thank you

    First smile of the day.

    And after today's 'lunch' (by that I mean the distinct lack of it), you must be doing well to manage that...

  10. Cliff

    Yay for reconstructions!

    Hurrah for all these CCTV pictures that only The Reg seems able to offer :-)

  11. Geoff Johnson

    Don't mess with that dog.

    That dog is HUGE.

  12. john loader

    For once I'm on Naomi's side

    Just a shame it wasn't Willie (or should that be Wally) Walsh receiving first hand customer feedback on B A(wful).

  13. alistair millington

    can't be real.

    Where is the mountain of luggage in the background, the jobsworth manager and the happy slapping onlookers with their camera phones. :)

    Though you do have more time on your hands than is healthy, and why is there a toy box in your office???????

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Toastie rating...

    Not bad but not as keyboard damaging as the last one :)

  15. Slaine
    Thumb Up

    timely update - thanks

    Excellent quality image obviously taken at extreme personal risk to the photographer. Do please ensure that the El Reg T5 inflitrator remains safe so that he/she/it can continue to provide these excellent insights into the suspicious activities of the baggage Terminator... sorry, terminal.

  16. Paul James

    Its a fit up!

    I reckon this one's been Photo shopped ;)

    "Lego" the chap said after being mauled by officers.

  17. mike


    I love it! Your little playmobil set seems to match any occasion...

  18. Matt

    Is that....

    ..... a dog or a horse, and why is that man shouting at it with his megaphone? Perhaps the dog has hearing difficulties.

    If I were Miss Campbell I'd be a wee bit scared!

  19. Hollerith

    shocked. Shocked.

    Finally this iniquity has been captured on camera. El Reg, you have broken a news story of national importance, and I expect to see this shocking and disturbing image on all the newspapers' front pages this evening and tomorrow. I salute your journalistic integrity.

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    <no title>

    Wot ! No taser ?

  21. Simon
    IT Angle

    I'd be furious as well

    Imagine them only being able to lose 50% of your luggage - it's pure incompetence

  22. TranceMist

    Just Like In America

    I thought only Americans did this...

    Oh wait!

    They learned it from you English!

  23. Anonymous Coward


    Is this a scene from the Red Dwarf movie? The crew of the 'Dwarf finally make it back to Earth, and are immediately arrested as illegal immigrants? No wonder the Cat isn't arguing, faced with a dog that big!

  24. dervheid

    Simplify the system!

    When you check in, your luggage is tagged and scanned and passes DIRECTLY to the "Security Checked Departure Area". The passengers are similarly 'security checked' and can be reunited with their luggage in the same place (admittedly, there's room for cock-ups here) where they collect their own bags and take them to the gate themselves, where they are collected at boarding and loaded directly onto the flight. Think of how many surly, lazy, belligerant, sticky-fingered baggage handlers could be dispensed with. And at least you'd have a better idea that you would have more than the clothes you're standing in when you get to the other end.

    Of course, having ALREADY SPENT a fortune on a 'cutting edge baggage losing, sorry, handling system'...

    And natch, there's 'such as those' for whom the theory of having to carry your own bags is utterly abhorrent.

  25. Rob

    How come?

    It's always the same poor pony tailed, yellow shirted pirate who gets it in the neck in these reconstructions?

  26. Martin Cleaver
    Thumb Up


    When I heard of the plight of passenger number 23456, I just had to admire her. Naomi has done what about 200,000 other passengers would have liked to have done, having been robbed of their luggage at Terminal 5 in the last few days.

  27. Daniel Buckley


    Good to see the Pastafarian culture assisting those gallant officers with their Piratey skills.

    The FSM should give a good noddly appendage whippping to that lawbreaking ponytail wearing fiend!


  28. Electro Boy


    Nothing good EVER comes from letting pirates into your terminal. Everyone knows that.

  29. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: Baggage

    She's going to get so much fan mail out of this. "She's punching what we're all thinking."

  30. Michael H.F. Wilkinson

    Reminds me of Jasper Carrot

    "Baggage handlers are like the Yeti: you only ever see their footprints in your luggage"

    Now they are even covering them up

  31. John Bayly

    Obviously a fake

    All the flights on the departures board are Ryanair flights which doesn't fly from T5.

  32. Anonymous Coward

    Lego of me!

    These charges are a load of b'locks!

    As is this post as it's not lego. But it's close enough for bad punnage...

  33. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    Obviously a flight just in from Brazil by the look of the brown haired officer.

    Has Paris a Brazilian?

  34. Sceptical Bastard

    The Phorm angle

    Don't you Vultures have any work to do? No? Thought not...

    Next reconstruction photo: K(u)nt Ertugrul is hanged drawn and quartered in T5 by an unholy alliance of pirates, security officers and Naomi Campbell

  35. Stu



    Those guard dogs must be the size of young elephants!

    Thats it, I aint travelling thru Heathrow NO more!

  36. James O'Brien

    This cant be!!!

    I mean seriously who would believe that was Ms. Campbell I mean seriously? That figure on the ground is way too well fed for that. Plus arnt those white pants suspiciously similar to seal skin?

    On a side note these are great and Mt. Dew isnt good when it comes out your nose. . .

    /mines the one with the club in the back pocket.

  37. tony trolle

    I heard

    there was a fight behind walls at T5 and some handers were suspended.

    Myself fly Virgin.

  38. Brett Brennan

    Amazon KNOWS airports...

    While checking US for said Playmobil Security Check-In, the following items were also found in the related search ("Playmobil Security"):

    Web "security" cameras

    Playmobil Airport Terminal

    Playmobil Safecrackers

    Playmobil Police Checkpoint

    Playmobil Rescue Police Station with Jail Cell

    Playmobil Hazmat Team

    Child's Pimp Costume

    Weener Cleaner Soap

    Beaver Finger Puppet

    The 2007-2012 Outlook for Bathroom Toilet Brushes and Holders in Greater China

    About the only thing missing was a case of mini-bottle Scotch. Kids can certainly learn what a trip to the Philippines is all about from THIS list

  39. Gaz

    "enraged passenger in question"

    Strange, I thought the passenger was a Brazilian electrician for a moment there...

  40. Brian


    Darn those luggage pirates getting away with that booty!

  41. evilbobthebob

    Talking about Lego...

    I'm just gonna have to make a vignette of this out of those little Danish bricks...

  42. Anonymous Coward


    Why are pirates called pirates?

    They just Ha-Harr!

  43. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    This seems an apt description for this fiasco.

  44. Ryan Greenaway


    Quite clearly this passenger has not yet been shot so he/she couldn't be a Brazilian electrician. I can only assume that Miss Campbell volunteered to be part of the Heathrow "outreach program". I.e. They are demonstrating what will happen if you "reach out" for your luggage.

    I'm sure Miss Campbell won't be too bothered about taking a trip to Milan to be reunited with her luggage!

    Mines the one that's in my suitcase...oh...bugger!

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