back to article password protects Aryan Governance Summit site

The powers that be yesterday blocked unauthorised access to the website of the Progressive Governance Summit following our discovery that it was, in lieu of "Promoting Prosperity", actually promoting National Socialism. The Progressive Governance Summit logo The chilling proof of's plans for a blond-haired, blue-eyed …


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  1. Peter Ford

    It might be a Swastika...

    ... but it's a very *pretty* Swastika :)

  2. Alan Faraday
    Gates Halo

    Marketing and Propoganda

    One step from Progressive government to Progressing across Europe via neutral countries?

  3. Mike Crawshaw

    I resent that!!!

    I own an alsatian, and I would like to clarify that, not only am I no vegetarian, but I also refuse to eat green stuff that my girlfriend keeps putting on my plate to try and distract me from the bleeding haunch of cow flesh!

  4. Aidan Ramskir
    Thumb Down

    For shame

    Ok, so it looks like a swastika, but why perpetuate the Nazi associations, so that it overshadows its use in Hinduism? I'm disappointed in The Reg.

  5. Graham Bartlett

    "Progressive" and "Democratic"

    I guess the word "Progressive" in the name is rather like the situation with Cold War country names - any country with the word "Democratic" in its title *isn't*...

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It's not Hitler's swastika

    If someone had tried to pass off a swastika with curves in nazi germany he'd be shipped off to their guantanamo bay equivalent in minutes.

  7. Stef


    It's a myth that Hitler was a vegetarian, it's known that he did eat some meat:

    "a sporadic preference for sausage, squab, liver dumplings, ham, and caviar."

    Not exactly your animal-loving green, then.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    vegetarians can be bad people too.

    I love the fact that there is a page dedicated to distancing vegetarianism from Hitler.

  9. Roger Stenning

    what password?

    No password protection when I looked it over, Pretty boring stuff, actually. 13:00 Friday 4th April.

  10. Jamie


    Criminals, and gangs don't scare me, the gov't and the policies that they push through do.

    Long Live Guy Fawkes.

  11. Alex


    They changed the logo...

  12. Shakje

    Re: what password?

    Yes, no password, I think they might have been changing the logo....

    Pretty boring, HOWEVER, the video is awesome. Watching big Gordo trying to remember to smile, then forgetting as the video goes on, and if you pause the video between sound bites you can see him struggling to read the teleprompter, and his head going up and down reminds me a bit of the Churchill dog.

    Disclaimer: This only refers to this video, I don't actually think of my PM as a nodding dog, and I fully believe he can read perfectly well, he just doesn't do very well controlling facial expressions or using body language.

  13. Spleen

    Re: Aidan Ramskir

    Using swastika to mean 'Nazism' no more overshadows its other meaning than using the word 'right' to mean 'correct' overshadows its other meanings as 'entitlement' or 'opposite of left'. (And 'opposite of black', and 'ceremony', and 'undead monster' if I say it aloud.)

    Symbols are exactly like words. We define their meaning, not them, and thanks to context we're quite capable of giving them more than one meaning. And if they have more than one meaning there's no reason each meaning has to be assigned equal significance. 'Nazism' is assigned greater significance than 'circle of life' in the West because a) the Nazis used it extensively, b) Nazism was a recent, extremely traumatic event in European history and c) Hinduism is a minority religion. Consequently, using it - or something that looks like it - in Western society in anything that isn't an exclusively Hindu context is either ignorant or pig-headed.

  14. b


    that logo does look suspiciously swastika like.

    anyway, a socialist 'promoting prosperity'?

    should they be promoting a LACK of poverty?

    it's bullsh1t.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Who created it.?

    I dont suppose that this logo was dreamed up by the same bunch that gave us the now infamous 2012 London Olympics logo which from a distance looks like a woman with big hair giving someone a blowjob?

    Paris - because she was made famous for giving blowjobs.

  16. Secretgeek
    Black Helicopters

    So if that's a swastika...

    What about the purple Isle of Man (-ish) symbol incorporated into it too?

    Could it be that the tiny 'tached fiend is alive and well and living next door to Jeremy Clarkson?

    Conspiracy Alert!

  17. b shubin
    Dead Vulture

    V comes home

    take a painfully ignorant, corporatist government; add the Panopticon trend; sprinkle hints of violent, Big Brother police; throw in a suspiciously familiar logo, and you have...Neoconservatives, UK style. jerky, mustached hatemongers not required (we have better PR these days, that stuff is so last-millenium).

    good to see the Duck test still works.

    the dead bird, because we all know what comes next. Chris Rock said it best: "That train is never late!"

  18. Stratman
    Thumb Up

    A case of Cristal...

    ... to the winner of (insert triple-barelled ad agency name here)'s monthly "Let's see what we can get away with" contest.

    Surely nobody believed Digby when he said he could get two Swastikas into a Government logo. Fair play to the lad, he deserves his bubbly.

  19. Anonymous Coward


    ....does this mean the the trains run on time, and that the new national anthem everyone has been harping on about to repalce "god save the queen" will now be "Alba Uber Alles - (Scotland still do run the UK don't they?)

  20. Bram Stankowitz

    No, they're not Nazi's

    No, theyre not Nazi's for crying out loud. They're just International Socialist and Marxist and Globalist which isn't relaly any better.

  21. This post has been deleted by its author

  22. Steen Hive

    @Roger Stenning

    "No password protection when I looked it over, Pretty boring stuff, actually. 13:00 Friday 4th April."

    Oooer! "It was a bright, cold day in April and the clocks were striking thirteeen."

  23. Andy

    Purple swastika?

    I eat Alsations and own cabbages. Does that count?

  24. Michael O'Malley

    Silly obsessive Brits

    Why do you British insist on wetting yourselves every time you see a swastika shape? The Nazis used it, but it's an ancient symbol, thousands of years old - nothing to do with fascism or mass murder..

    It's like your obsession with associating Germany with Nazism. The rest of the world has moved on, but I guess it's natural if you are a former first class country steadily sinking into the lower divisions

  25. Paul

    How much?

    Did the original logo cost, and how much extra to remodel it in a couple of hours.

  26. Andy

    @Michael O'Malley

    I should point out that for the rest of the world there is no real distinction between these terms and they can all be used interchangeably.




    Great Britain,


    If somebody says they're going to Britain they generally mean "London", but could equally mean anywhere in Ireland or Scotland (nobody I know has ever emigrated to Wales, oddly).

    So an O'Malley casting stones at the English is rather short-sighted. Everybody outside of Britain (*ahem*) is of the opinion that Ireland belongs to England in the same way Scotland and Wales do. France would also belong to England but it smells funny and is full of foreigners.

    Sorry to burst that bubble for you.

  27. Ideala2


    The swastika represents prosperity in hinduism.

    Any chance the design was outsourced to india?

    seriously though... it's at a slant, couldn't be more NAZI if it tried.

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