back to article IBM back on Federal bid list

IBM has scrambled back on the Federal Government’s list of IT suppliers after being kicked off earlier this week following a dispute with the Environmental Protection Agency. The IT giant said today it struck an agreement with the EPA to end the temporary suspension and would start bidding for new business immediately. At the …


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  1. heystoopid


    Nice , to have friends in high places with bigger size 12 boots for kicking idiots in the posterior !

  2. tony trolle

    IF you were IBM would you called their bluff

    and just stopped support and callout on all Gov systems :-)

    or is that the BOFH method

  3. doublejay1973

    Who do you think is in charge anyway ?

    I expect some civil servant has attempted to dig their heels in over a payment dispute - something they are quite entitled to do, all things being equal.

    Unfortunatley, all things are not equal and no one may prevent those particular wheels from turning by throwing a spanner in the matter how righteous that particular spanner may be.

    Any escalation of such a dispute would result in mutually assured destruction and your government doesn't want that.

  4. James Henstridge

    @tony trolle

    That would probably be in breach of their existing contracts. Remember that it was just a ban on IBM bidding on new contracts.

    Putting pressure on the people doing the investigation like this might be reason for further sanctions.

This topic is closed for new posts.