back to article Symantec drops Microsoft lawsuit

Microsoft and Symantec have agreed to settle a lawsuit filed two years ago over the use of Veritas code in Microsoft products, including Windows Vista. Symantec sued Microsoft in May 2006, accusing Redmond of wrongly incorporating the Volume Manager software Symantec acquired in its purchase of Veritas the previous year. …


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  1. Tim Bates
    IT Angle

    Cash wins here too

    Microsoft no doubt made a sizable "donation" to the Symantec "Christmas fund".

    Whatever happened, I do wonder how the heck this will improve customer experiences. What are they changing?

  2. joe

    Wow i understand now

    Microsoft had formerly held a contract with Veritas to license the software, which helps operating systems manage large amounts of data.

    Given the quality of Veritas's products as of late it make perfect sense why Vista can't copy shit anywhere in a reasonable amount of time. I know Volume Manager has little to do with copying files over the network; i was just poking a little fun :)

  3. Gordon Fecyk
    Thumb Up

    Symantec doest protest too much

    Aww, too bad. I was looking for a good fight.

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