back to article Rock rolls out 12in, 1kg sub-notebook

UK notebook specialist Rock has begun punting an alternative to Apple's MacBook Air and Toshiba's Portégé R500: a 12in Windows Vista-running laptop that weighs just a kilo. Rock Pegasus P210 Rock's Pegasus P210: ultra-portable The Pegasus P210 is based on Intel's A110 processor, last year's precursor to the Atom CPU family …


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  1. Jango
    Thumb Down

    Sounds good but ...

    ... how fast will the memory hogging OS run on 1GB RAM and a non-core2duo processor ?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Don't expect speed..

    It is a slow laptop - but then again these sort of machines often are. Sony TZ, for instance..

    It's quite nicely made, however - brushed aluminium and such, and is tiny.

    Quite appealing if the name doesn't bother you..

  3. Anonymous Coward

    How much?!?

    £939! Who are they trying to kid? There are far better spec'ed 12" laptops from big name companies for way less than that.

  4. dan russell
    Paris Hilton

    Sounds good but...

    They won't sell many without a picture of a bird in bikini

    Paris Hilton

  5. Ivor


    No trialware... does that mean a without Vista spec is available? :)

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  7. Jez
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    Looks good, but...

    Shame they got the price point so wrong. With the eee pc at £200 and a 10" version on the way with nice offerings from ecs and others about to break through in the coming months there is no way im going to spend the better part of a grand on an under powered machine.

    The 1st company to get a <1kg with inbuilt 3G modem, around 10" of screen and enough power to run modern web apps (eg goole docs etc) will get my cash. These devices hit home the value of web based apps. It wont matter if you lose it, you dont need much disk space (a nice small SSD will do!), come on the market for this stuff must be huge!

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    2 Power adaptors...

    Why? Do they weigh 10kg each and you are supposed to leave one at the location you wish to use it often?

  9. Alan Edwards

    Vista on a P3??

    I hadn't realised the A110 was basically a P3 - no way would I run Vista on that!!

    I have a P3-950 HP OmniBook 6000, with 1Gb RAM. It needed a reload, so I thought I'd bung Vista on it to see what it was like. It ran like an asthmatic three-legged donkey, not helped by the lack of Vista drivers for the ATI Rage (something) M graphics.

    It still runs XP Pro quite nicely though - my Mum's getting it once I get round to putting XP on it again.

    Looking at the picture, it's showing Flip-3D - I thought you couldn't do Aero Glass on a GMA-950?

    Looks like a nice machine though, once you flatten it and put XP on, especially if that 6-hour battery life is on the stock battery. Screen's too low-res (and glossy) for me, but if you're after an ultra-portable...


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  11. alistair millington
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    never heard of them

    The title was good and the spec of add ons is quite nice, but the price I can get three similar specs on a better chip as a 300 laptop has nearly all that now, and vista on something less than a gig CPU speed or RAM is suicide.

    I will stick with my asus eee (sans le 'bikini' clad temptress)

  12. W
    IT Angle


    ~10" screen / ~1kg

    inbuilt 3G modem + WiFi

    Enough grunt to run XP & Paint.NET without wheezing.


    All I can think of is an upcomng 10" Eee w/ XP + 3 dongle. Any other suggestions?

  13. fluffels
    Paris Hilton

    @How Much?!?

    "£939! Who are they trying to kid? There are far better spec'ed 12" laptops from big name companies for way less than that."

    You do realise this is an ULTRAPORTABLE, like the MacBook Air... Not the same as any old crap from PC World.

    And for an ULTRAPORTABLE, it's a fair price.

    Running Vista on it, however, is a stretch.

    Paris, because she can't run Vista either.

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Apparently you can opt for XP as well:

  15. James Smith

    Yesterday's parts with today's miniaturisation


    It has a parallel HDD? I've pretty much forgotten those things existed!

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