back to article China promises censor-free Olympic media

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has confirmed that international media will have "access to uncensored internet" during the 8-24 August sportsfest in Beijing and that TV transmission of the games will not be subject to a delay. According to Reuters, the IOC's chief inspector said that, despite the Chinese regime's …


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  1. Julian Garrett

    Brought to you by the same people that said...

    That the Dalai Lama (or Dalai Clique as they so fashionably put it) was planning crack suicide squads to attack the Chinese.

    How fucking stupid do these people think we are??

    Next they'll be telling us they invented golf...

    Hang on, that *DID* claim that one too.

  2. Eduard Coli

    Too bad no one believes China

    China can say what it wants but the "Peoples Olympics" is going to be censored.

    If they do actually try to send a live broadcast there will be many shots from different cams available to switch to in case someone has something to say about the occupation of Tibet or the class war in China.

    Those Chinese nationals at the games are sure to be vetted carefully.

    Failing all of that most western broadcasters can be counted on to behave as they will have signed deals with the PRC.

  3. Edward Pearson
    Thumb Up

    I believe them.

    Of course they'll allow foreign journalists uncensored access to the internet, and allow them to make live broadcasts. There won't be any signed deals, there'll be no smoke, and very few mirrors.

    The PRC don't care what the rest of the world sees! They want to "protect" their own people, they'll simply censor the footage as it comes back into the country. What we, back in Blighty, get to see, matters not a jot to these people.

  4. Nicholas Ettel
    Paris Hilton

    Oh man!

    I see what you did there!!

    You guys sure this story wasn't supposed to come out 2 days ago? Because, seriously, this is the best April Fool's joke ever.

    If anyone believes this to be explicitly true, you've got some serious wool pulled over your eyes. Red wool, actually.

    Paris... because she likes things pulled over her eyes, too.

  5. Daniel B.


    Ok, take out the stopwatch and lift a "FREE TIBET" sign facing any camera during the Olympics; watch how fast "nonexistant censorship" cracks down!

  6. Andy
    Paris Hilton

    Journalists get web access

    Whooppee doo.

    30,000 journalists get net access, never mind the other 1.2 Billion.

    It is all a farce. Politicians and IOC and Chines should all be ashamed of themselves.

    Enough said.

    Paris because she isn't censored ;-)

  7. kain preacher


    They wont censor any thing. Live feeds will be a 12 sec delay and every time the cam catches some thing naughty they will change cams. Then they can claim it s not censored cause it was never filmed.

    Funny how you can play around with definition of words when it suits your needs.

    If the facts don't support your position then get rid of the facts

  8. Eduard Coli


    Well you would believe them wouldn't you...

    I bet you have knickers with Mao's gleaming teeth on them.

    Actually, you are correct at least in that shielding the Chinese people from any criticism of the PRC is job 1 in the PRC.

    Though the PRC has been drinking the Kool-Aid and really wants westerners to have a generally positive outlook on who they are and what they do and who they do it to and how hard.

    If they can censor in any way they will most certainly.

  9. Robert Armstrong
    Paris Hilton

    All your camera belong to us

    Doesn't matter much to me since I won't be watching the shamfest. I got to shampoo my hair and cut my toenails that fortnight....with Paris of course....

  10. Not That Andrew
    Black Helicopters

    Yeah Really

    The full cavity searches "for your safety" will take care of any nonsense like that.

  11. Richard

    New Olympic sport

    "And now we cross live to Lhasa for the new Olympic sport of "Torture a Tibetan". This is the first time that it has been incorporated into the Olympic games, and oddly enough, only China have entered a team."

  12. Andrew Dodd
    Paris Hilton

    Chinese firewall

    Well I can't wait for the Chinese firewall to be turned off as if you have get the great chance of working on servers based in China you will know what I am talking about.

    Not going to post it all but...

    24 580 ms 632 ms 649 ms

    25 458 ms 464 ms 491 ms

    26 456 ms 462 ms 602 ms

    27 451 ms 450 ms 464 ms []

    With these sort of speeds there is no need to time delay the feeds its doing it already....

    Paris... China? Isn't thats in South America?

  13. Ben

    Censorship hypocrites

    "Live feeds will be a 12 sec delay and every time the cam catches some thing naughty they will change cams."

    They do that all the time in the US and UK. Apparently, it's also not censorship here but "protecting the public".

    "Ok, take out the stopwatch and lift a "FREE TIBET" sign facing any camera during the Olympics; watch how fast "nonexistant censorship" cracks down!"

    Try asking John Kerry about voter suppression in the 2004 elections: .

    Apparently, according to US policing standards, anyone with a "Free Tibet" sign is clearly "disrupting a public event" and can justifiably be tasered if they don't leave without making a scene, and further charged with "resisting arrest".

    The level of hypocrisy is mind-boggling.

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