back to article DDoS packets soak up to 3 per cent of net traffic

To appreciate the strain online miscreants are putting on internet infrastructure, consider this: As much as three per cent of the net's traffic is malicious garbage designed to inflict damage one party or another, Arbor Networks estimates. The endless barrage of malicious packets comprise about 1,300 distributed denial of …


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  1. Graham Robinson


    "perhaps while the miscreants are either hung over or expending their spoils."

    Or perhaps a massive amount of the compromised computers are in businesses that don't know how to secure their systems, which have them turned off on those days.

  2. Mike

    "Assuming 66 per cent of that is spam"

    I guess you're either referring to what comes out after being run through a spam filter, or you're very lucky

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    And the rest!


    Make that 14% according to my logs!

  4. Adam

    New Years Day etc?

    My few experiences of DoS attacks appeared to originate from script kiddies, who are invariably frustrated 14 year olds who lack the social skills to attend any sort of New Year's Eve celebration...

    I'm truely astounded.

  5. bogsheet

    Data Culling?

    "according to the data, which was culled over 18 months."

    Culling refers to the minimising or reduction of the amount of data to acquire a smaller set. I wonder if this verb has been used correctly here, as in the context it appears that the data was simply collected.

  6. Adrian Midgley

    any of it not from Windows installations?

    I suppose there may be the odd compromised *x box, but almost all of this is made possible through design desicions and features of one particular operating system family, which appear to have been either unwise in retrospect, or effective in degrading un-owned systems.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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