back to article Marathons to face iPod ban?

Apple and Nike may think the upcoming London Marathon is the perfect promotion for their musical exercise gadgets. However, the global body behind marathons is considering banning audio players in case runners hurt themselves whilst changing lanes tracks. The IAAF Road Running Commission is the world’s governing body for …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Better off in the pub

    Runners banned from using personal stereos at events like the London Marathon? How absolutely insane. I know for me I would be incapable of running without some tunes to keep me going. And I fail to see where the danger lies - surely a controlled environment like the Marathon is as safe as a personal stereo user will ever get.

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  2. Ryan Stewart

    The ban is a joke here except for professionals...

    who never wore them in the first place.

    Nobody here honors it. Every race I run has the ban listed in the rules and everyone still wears them because without them it would be boring and long, which it already is.

    Hopefully it remains one of those things they say they do just for insurance and keep at not enforcing it.

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