back to article Intel shows Atom-powered Eee PC clones

Intel was keen to show off its Atom processor in the run-up to Intel Developer Forum (IDF), and drummed up a trio of machines to show it off - including the 7in Asus Eee PC. Asus' plan to adopt Atom is well known, at least as far as the upcoming 8.9in Eee PC 900 goes. Less well known is new brand Thinno, which was showing its …


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  1. Michael

    where is the bird?

    what is going on. The eee was mentioned, she should be there. Not good enough. I know you're all busy coming up with April fools stories but still, that is no excuse.

  2. Steve

    Missing the obvious

    But you fail to answer the most pressing question about these new models - how well do they work on a beach? Unless prospective customers can clearly see it illustrated that they can cope with the rigors of beach use, I'm afraid they're doomed.

  3. The Jon
    Thumb Up

    marketing lovely

    Judging by the name, presumably the Thinno bird on the beach will not suffer from so much cellulite?

  4. Ben Boyle

    Non existent set of ports...

    "The specification, like the brand, of the third machine remains a mystery, and its non-existent set of ports suggests it's a prototype rather than a system that's ready to roll."

    Much like the MacBook Air then?

  5. Steve Foster

    "Mystery Eee alternative"

    Mystery? No mystery at all. With "no ports" it must be an Apple... :)

  6. Matthew
    Thumb Down

    looks like..

    A tx Are you are you sure they didn't just *ctrl+c* *ctrl+v* the sony TZ case plans

  7. Richard

    Wot - no beach babe pic?

    They're doomed to failure if they don't have a picture of a typical user on a sun-drenched beach ;-)

  8. Anonymous Coward

    Thinno Apple Slice

    From a quick look the picture appears like a Mac Keyboard - and indeed the nice 'Mac style curves'.

    im sure ill get flamed for the statement but it makes you think.... leaving quietly and quickly.... with a bulging coat pocket

  9. Flocke Kroes Silver badge
    Paris Hilton

    You missed the most important bit...

    Who will be on photographed the beach with these toys?

  10. Mark Daniels

    Mystery Machine.....

    ........ is a Fuji Siemens.

    I think.


  11. b

    thought for the day

    mm, girls with small laptops!

  12. Michael Habel

    Re: Stop where is the bird?

    So where are the Bird's then?!

    All I see is that grubby Teletubby Hill from XP

  13. b


    love this baby laptop space right now.

    recently bought an HPTX1340ea, but i'd like one of those 8" EEE's, they look cool. i think the extra screen space is what was need over the previous 7".

    discussing it here:

    all welcome! :)

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