back to article Sony's 'energy saving' TV

Instead of switching your TV off when it isn’t in use, Sony advocates leaving it on and watching pretty pictures instead. The electronics giant has launched an HD TV series that displays still images on-screen when you’re done watching Eastenders. Sony_bravia_W4000_series Sony's Bravia W4000: reduce power with a picture …


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  1. Simon J. Richards

    Switching off saves more energy

    A still picture might use less energy than a moving one, especially as the backlight is presumably turned down, but this is like saving

    My Bravia claims to uses 0.3w oin standby (pretty good) but surely turning it off (at 0w) is going to be the best use.

    It's a bit like the government saying that we should all be recycling more. This misses the point that by the time we go to recycle something it is TOO LATE. At that point we have already used up resources and we should instead be using less plastic cups and bags etc in the first place by using reusable ones or just, well, refraining in the first place.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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