back to article Need a new duster? Avoid Woolies

If you're in the market for a new duster to do a bit of light spring cleaning we'd advise you to nip out to your nearest hardware shop rather than pop down to the UK ecommerce tentacle of retail monolith Woolworths, where a search query for this most innocent of household items returns a nasty shock for innocent inhabitants of …


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  1. Matt West

    "A Track Suit Is Not Appropriate Metal Apparel"

    Hmm, gotta download that one.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    How much?

    Cheap at half the price, as a twice married man i can tell you it costs more than that in the long run.

  3. Neil

    At least it's spelt correctly

    At my local Woolies the staff print up signs for special offers and so on. Or should I say "sign's for special offer's and so on". They cannot get apostrophe usage right, and there are nice A4 sheets on their store-front proclaiming (assuming formatting works out as I write it):

    Wii In

    Stock Now Great

    Deals Inside


    I'm tempted to go in and order that CD in store though.

  4. miika
    Paris Hilton

    Promises, promises

    "Image coming soon" ...

  5. Steve Sutton


    "There are errors with your order:

    The product you have just tried to add to the basket is not available to purchase at this time."

  6. John Freas
    Paris Hilton

    All better now... oops.

    Well it appears that the folks at Woolworths got right on it. If you click on the link from the search results page it says "Sorry the page or product you are looking for could not be found..."

    I feel much better now :P

    Paris? Need you ask?

  7. Anonymous Coward


    Any connection to Ken Dodd, tickling sticks, tickling of beavers, with or without the use of diddy men is purely coincidental.

  8. Stephen Greenham
    Paris Hilton

    Misread that one...

    You know you're too big a computer geek when you read the title of this story as "Need a new Cluster? Avoid Woolies".

  9. Adam

    Also available at amazon

    Amazon are also offering a similar service (

    but it is £18.49 then again they will offer a used one for £7.35, much better value.

  10. Anonymous Coward

    Also available at

  11. Ron
    Thumb Up

    I own that album

    I actually bought that album a year or two ago, and love it! Granted, I knew I wasn't buying a duster.. :)

    And, since this thread is already NSFW, here's the track list:

    root@librarian:/data/music/Blood Duster/Blood Duster - 2001 - Cunt# ls -Q

    "01-We Are The Word Police.mp3"*

    "02-Big Fat Arse.mp3"*

    "03-Another Slack Arsed Aussie Band.mp3"*

    "04-Porn Store Stiffi.mp3"*

    "05-Pissing Content.mp3"*

    "06-I Just Finished Sucking Off Metalheads In The Mens Urinals.mp3"*

    "07-Hoochie Mumma.mp3"*

    "08-I Love It When Joe Pesci Swears.mp3"*

    "09-Stock Takin'.mp3"*

    "10-Lets All Fuck.mp3"*

    "11-A Track Suit Is Not Appropriate Metal Apparel.mp3"*

    "12-The Corpse Song.mp3"*

    "13-Fuck You Scene Boy.mp3"*

    "14-Is Killing Clones Illegal.mp3"*

    "15-Don't Call Me Homeboy Ya' Cunt.mp3"*


    "17-The Object Is To Shift Some Units.mp3"*

    "18-Sweet Meat.mp3"*


  12. Jacob Reid
    Paris Hilton

    And its gone...

    Seems El Reg linking to a website mistake speeds up its removal.

    Paris because she... never mind

  13. David Pollard

    @Jacob Reid

    El Reg is indeed an effective force in many areas. But we really must avoid giving the government ideas. If someone gets the idea that the Reg can 'speed up removal' of mistakes on the net then they'll be given a juicy contract in no time flat with luncheon vouchers to boot.

    All we readers will be left with is the articles about IT.

  14. steven


    i have a fag hanging out of my mouth...

  15. Alan Jenney

    Multi-function spray nozzle

    I once saw a new attachment for a hosepipe being offered for sale at a major DIY store which had sign above a basket of the product - a multi-function spray nozzle. Printed In letters a few inches high, the word began F and ended in ION, but the letters in between were transposed...

  16. Stu

    A shame, its been 'pulled off' the site now.

    No matter, such family favourites still remain, such as "Fisting the Dead".


    They should have left it up there, I'd have bought it.

  17. Neil
    Dead Vulture


    New in at number 1 - Fisting the Dead

    This guy should name Ubuntu releases, Fisting the Dead is far catchier than Dapper Drake.

  18. Demian Phillips


    I dunno, We will see what happens when they get a chance to name a release Orange Orangutan (A.K.A. the librarian edition).

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