back to article Citrix debuts XenServer 4.1 with simpler pricing

After what would appear to be months of dragging its feet with the XenSource code, Citrix Systems today marched out the final version of XenServer 4.1. The last time upgrade to the virtualization package was in August - around the time Citrix bought Xensource for $500m. The upgrade has some 50 features added to the software …


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  1. FRLinux
    Jobs Horns

    And where's the source Luke?

    It is all nice and everything that they released their commercial stuff but where is the OpenSource equivalent? All I can see from is the old (and insecure) 3.2 tarballs

    The horns cuz i'm not sure...

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Not out yet and already the freeload..., er, i mean opensourcies are complaining

    Blimey, there's no pleasing some people. They haven't collected any cash yet to pay the development team, and already there are complaints that the free version isn't available. Perhaps you should send them a paypal donation to speed up the process? Say $5000?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Its always good to hear from the idiotic section of the IT world.

    I assume your a M$ fanboy.

    Its not about freeloading it is about licencing. XEN is release under the GPL licence. Therefore any work done by citrix MUST be also be distributed with our charge as this is the terms of the GPL. Therefor if citrix have not released ther source for xenserver they are in breach of the GPL.

    Thw wold point of GPL is to encourage people to get off their lazy asses and hack / develop software for the greater good of the community.

  4. Anil Madhavapeddy
    Thumb Up

    4 gigs of Source ISOs...

    We are aware of the requirements of the GPL, and fully support both our commercial editions of Xen and the open-source equivalents. Code flows in both directions.

    If you look at the download page for XenServer (, you will find 6 source ISOs with about 4 gigabytes of all the open-source code used to create the XenServer ISOs and software development kits.

    ...including Xen itself :)

    Dont forget that the free XenServer Express edition ISO can be downloaded from there and used with no charge or time restriction. If you need more than 4 VMs or multi-server support, upgrade is just a license activation away.


  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    linux fan boys strike again

    Plenty of source code available. Citrix quite carefully ensure all the source code they need to provide under the GPL is available.

    The only closed source they do is what goes on top to make Xen Enterprise or whatever it's called this week. Any vendor is more than welcome to take the Xen hypervisor source and write their own dom 0 to look after devices and management.

    Linux fanboys be gone. These'll be the same gimps who think vmware is linux. Ha, ha

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    Lordy, it's the freetards

    "I assume your a M$ fanboy."

    You assume wrong (and the word you were hunting for is "you're") . Just two things:

    1) I just don't see what is wrong with paying for software that you find useful / valuable. After all, that's typically what enables the developer to pay their pizza & beer bill and develop more. If you don't like it (as defined by not using it) don't pay for it.

    2) I am somewhat irritated by those who whine about the speed of service for something that cost a boatload of money to develop and they're getting for free. I know the Xennies agreed to GPL the hypervisor, but don't be such a whiner when you're getting such a good deal.



  7. Anonymous Coward

    And where is the ...

    ...Veritas Storage Foundation?

    I'm a bit puzzled at the moment, running 4.09 beta , dm_emc seems not not pick up on our clariion box (behind iscsi bridge), and all enterprise magick seems to be still left for later.

    or is the 4.09something beta just too outdated?

    sorry for being anonymous but i dont wanna bother registering anything right now ;)

  8. Jack Pastor

    Freakin' Communists ...

    Somebody has to pay SOMEBODY to make this meager Hypervisor USEABLE !!

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