back to article Phone loss equals social catastrophe, claims carrier

Dropping your iPhone down the lav is bad enough, but losing friends’ numbers and downloaded music could be social suicide. A report by network operator O2 has uncovered that many of us are suffering as a result, simply because we don’t back up our phone content. O2 questioned just over 1000 people, aged between 16 and 44, and …


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  2. John Crowther


    This is also reason to use their heavily touted new Bluebook service which backs up your messages and contacts, making them accessible online. The catch? Oh yeah if you lose your hone and want to download n stored messages it'll cost you 25p per message. Mind you, contact backup is free, which is handy.

  3. Nigel Whitfield

    Why pay the network?

    If your phone supports SyncML (and lots of them do these days), pop along to - it's free and it's saved my bacon a few times when a phone has just died on me. Sure, you'll pay the data charges for the backup, but they're not huge. And you can check all your contacts, appointments and so on via the web site too.

  4. Hedley Phillips

    PDA/phone syncs with outlook

    Had an O2 xda for a few years now and it automatically syncs all my data with both my home and work PC's. So I always have my emails, notes, contacts, calendar etc etc sync'd.

    But being in IT I always back it up as well. :-)

  5. John Bayly

    Heard this before

    There was a report a good few years ago that found that a percentage equated losing their mob[ile] to the loss of a relative/pet/friend. Bit sad really.

    That said, I always back up my phone before I got Hiking/Sailing/Skiing.

    Regarding the drinking, I killed my adorable Nokia 7110 on my 21st, the repair place said it was damaged by an unknown liquid (I reckon it was a treble-vodka & coke).

  6. Martin Edmondson

    Yea, about drinking

    went to pub with a full phone...

    ... (x) pints later...

    walk out of pub with the front case half of case, the back half of the case, the keypad (which was rubber and separate), the sim card and the battery... but the actual phone.. f--k knows... Well, I never did like nokias

  7. pctechxp

    All your personal data....belongs to us

    What a cracking way to ensure that the customer wont be tempted to churn to another provider.

    If all of your phone book and whatever (I know some people save texts but I don't) is stored on O2's servers and they of course don't provide an export function thus making it difficult to get info off most average users wont bother switching provider because its too much hassle thus reducing the churn rate.

    Also the Paris Hilton sidekick incident shows how vulnerable these systems are to both internal and external comprimise.

    Ok I dont have any famous friends and am not famous (most famous people aren't worth knowing anyway in my opinion) but the contacts I do have wouldn't appreciate their home and mobile numbers being spread over the web or sold to advertisers.

  8. Josie Pearson

    Phone Loss Equals Social Catastophe

    Why don't the operators offer to mind our contacts for us, for a nominal monthly fee? I've never managed to change a single handset without losing some of my contacts. The hassle with losing contacts just puts me off upgrading until my handset actually malfunctions or falls over completely.

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