back to article Dot Mobile goes titsup

Dot Mobile, an MVNO aimed at students, has been put into administration and its subscribers will be migrated to Vodafone, the company's carrying network since its launch in 2005. A message posted to Dot Mobile's website confirms its slide into financial ignominy. "Your contract of service remains unaffected. [We] will continue …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    What the fook is a MVNO ?

  2. Ian Hallsworth
    Paris Hilton

    Im not surprised

    I work at a uni where they have had a stand here everyday for the past 18 months and I dont think they have sold a single contract to any student. They (the sales team) never appear to have anybody interested so as the title says "I'm not surprised".

    Paris? Why not

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Dot mobile - rubbish

    Not suprised they went under, they could have been better managed by a dancing monkey troupe. I wona free phone and years contract with them, casued nothing but hassle, including (but not limited to ) them taking £400 out of my bank account for no reason and without autherisation, not supplying me with bills, randomly suspending my account whenever they felt like it. In the end I go them to cancel the deal as I was tired of it all. Customer services were nice enough, but seemed like they had not autherisation to do anything and the management was poor.

    Paris because not even t-mobile gave her a poorer quality of service than dot mobile gave me.

  4. James

    MVNO =

    Mostly Vacuous Neds Organisation

  5. Jeff

    Mobile Virtual Network Operator

    It's a reseller that buys in bulk from an operator and tries to resell the minutes at a slim profit. Presumably they add some value to it.

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Students have no money?

    That's because all the ones who live around me must have spent all their cash on cars

  7. Jon

    Re: eh?

    MVNO = Mobile Virtual Network Operator

    In the UK only Orange, O2, Vodafone, T-Mobile and 3 own their own mobile phone network (i.e. all the masts around the country). Anyone else you've seen selling mobile phone services (there are loads) is a MVNO - they sell the handset, bill the customer, but buy access to to someone else's network.

  8. George
    Dead Vulture

    Dot Mobile = UK's Amp Mobile

    So, were they basically another Amp Mobile? All focused on signing people up, without taking the time to do credit/background checks?

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Having recently finished a degree, I can safely say that students have no money. And when they do finally finish, they get more taxed off them. And the cars (for those few who get through uni with their license intact) are generally crapheaps on what pass for wheels. Or their parents'.

    Most of the money goes on cheap food/drink (etc).

  10. Anonymous Coward

    South African connection

    "Dot Mobile's failure on the UK yoof MVNO scene follows the closure of Disney's virtual network, and the bankruptcy of Amp'd stateside. Blyk, the ad-funded MVNO that is targeting British yoof, is still in the running. ® "

    Never heard of "Blyk" till I read this, I take it they are a South African outfit?

    And when the "Yoof" refuse to sign up to their virtual network the sales person can legitimately ask " Is it coz i's Blyk?"

  11. Nicholas Jenkins

    Stuff Vodafone

    Why would I 'migrate' to Vodafone? They can't offer me the same Unit Bundle as they only work in standard minutes and TXTs, and therefore I think that they are in breach of contract (I may be wrong?). The whole point of Dot was that it offered flexible deals - Vodafone don't.

    I'm asking for my contract to be canceled and for them to send me my PAC, I'll keep my handset and sign up to O2 simplicity!

  12. Luther Blissett
    Gates Halo

    i actually quite enjoyed the dot mobile bubble

    I never got charged a penny over my £20 a month contract, despite frequently making hour-long calls to another network. Looking at my bills, almost all months show all my units "rolled over" to the next... seems like something might have gone wrong there on the old e-billing system, but I wasn't going to blame them for that!

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