back to article Cheap as chips wind-up MP3 player

Trevor Baylis’ hand-cranked media player was a technological innovation upon its release. However, you can now bag yourself a cheaper alternative - provided you don’t mind losing some features. CrankingMP3 Thanko's Cranking MP3 Player Online retailer is currently selling the Cranking MP3 Player, which is …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    Can you charge it over USB too, if you're too lazy to wind the handle?

    Moving parts in an SSD MP3 player ... object/exercise/defeated? :)

    All moot, since I've no intention of buying one of the ugly little blighters...

  2. Edgar Scrutton
    Paris Hilton

    Use-Design needed.

    This design is a "follow-me" using the 'twist the handle crank'. It would be much more easy to use had it employed a rack and pinion gear to drive the generator by a squeezing action of the hand.

    Was Paris involved in this design?

This topic is closed for new posts.