back to article Psychologist calls for movie-style ratings for games

A government-ordered investigation into the potential risks of videogames and the internet to children has recommended that computer games be rated like movies. The review has also recommend the creation of a UK internet safety body. Psychologist Dr Tanya Byron's 'Byron Review' has proposed a legally binding system of age …


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  1. Monkey

    A sensible debate for once....

    ... I saw her this morning talking about the ideas and have read her papers. For once a broadly sensible outlook on the whole things firmly saying it is about parents knowing what their kids are doing, knowing what the games contain and making appropriate decisions about what not to allow.

    No talk of banning games, no proposals for nanny state regulations on what appears on shop shelves.

    I was expecting to snort in a very derisory manner at the TV but didn't. For once someone pointing the finger where it should be pointed. At parents for letting their kids play stuff that simply is not appropriate.

    As a parent who is also a gamer I thought it was a pretty positive thing.

  2. Jamie


    This is the best thing that could happen to the gaming industry. If you put a label on something stating that under a certian are not allowed, that is the most likely place you will find it.

  3. lsproc

    Err, isnt this the same

    I have some old DOS games with BBFC labels on them...

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