back to article AMD announces tri-core, tweaked quad-core Phenoms CPUs

AMD has formally unwrapped its three-core Phenom X3 8000 series, along with new versions of its existing quad-core Phenom X4 processors, now known as the 9050 line. The three-core Phenom X3s, first announced back in September 2007 just ahead of AMD arch-rival Intel's bi-annual Developer Forum, are detailed just before the next …


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  1. David Austin

    It's gonna have to be something pretty special...

    ...To take on the unstoppable juggernaut that is Core2. Last time I looked at the benchmarks, like-for-like, the only thing AMD had going for them is the price.

    I do like AMD, but the bottom line is, my money goes to who can give me the best value (not cheapest) processor.

  2. James O'Brien

    Intel FTW!

    I have an Intel QX6700 processor. Now I wish I could find the article but it was at Toms Hardware and it was a comparison of Intel vs. AMD quads. The disturbing thing about this list was that my processor which was one of the first from either Intel or AMD beat AMD's BEST quad by about 10-15% in the benchmarks.

    Now its great that AMD has a low wattage CPU but as a gamer I could care less about power, its not like my Enermax Galaxy 1000watt PS is struggling where I need to worry about how much juice the CPU is pulling. I want what is best and will give the best performance.

    Sorry AMD but unless you pull your thumb out of your arse the gamers will leave you.

    /mines the one with Intel Inside on the pocket

  3. Doug Lynn

    AMD still wins in price/performance

    Hi, I a little slower and a lot cheaper is great in my book, economy is bad, AMD will sell! If you look at AMD roadmap benchmarks the Phenom is great, it the best cpu for UT3 based games which are abundant per benchmarks. Thats because Epic optimized UT3 engine on AMD quad core.

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