back to article Parallels pads hosting play with ModernGigabyte buy

Parallels - the software artist formerly known as SWsoft - has snatched up billing dandy ModernGigabyte in a bid to strengthen the company's products that cater to hosting providers. Parallels gains ModernGigabyte's equally modern ModernBill software that automates a number of the billing jobs associated with the hosting …


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  1. James Smith

    Pity, because its rubbish

    I do hope the people over at Parallels sack the current developers working at ModernGigabyte. ModernBill was good about three years ago. Now though, its full of bugs and half baked ideas.

    Also, I smell an IPO. Parallels has been on a buying spree of late, boasting its product offerings.

  2. Carl Heaton
    Thumb Up

    no mention of psoft...

    ...that little hosting acquisition from comodo and what Parallels game plan might be?

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