back to article Juniper acquires Sun's chip chief with one Yen

Sun Microsystems' long-time chip chief David Yen has left the building for an undisclosed role at Juniper Networks. Yen most recently served as the EVP in charge of Sun Microelectronics. In the past, he has been responsible for Sun's storage division, UltraSPARC-based servers and microprocessor efforts. Sun has tapped …


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  1. Lance

    To combat the QuantumFlow processor

    Maybe they hired him to design a chip to combat the QuantumFlow processor Cisco.

  2. Kevin Hutchinson

    Is it really such a bad thing?

    After the delays with its Rock processor and apparent inability to get Proximity Communications to market, is Dr Yen's departure really such a bad thing for Sun? Results count - it would be good to see Mark Tremblay get a promotion for delivering Niagara chips. At least Dr Yen can keep using Sun silicon IP at Juniper since it's open source (GNU) - see

  3. marc farley

    Maybe networking will be a better fit

    Sun had a habit of putting people in charge of storage who had deep technology expertise in anything but storage. I always assumed that Sun figured storage to be a "low lifer's" business. Considering that Sun had Fibre Channel systems years before anybody else, it's astounding that they allowed every Tom, Dick and Harry in the storage business (EMC, Compaq, Netapp?) to eat their lunch. By the time Yen was installed, the wagon was already down to two wheels and buried in mud.

  4. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Anybody else would be saying ..... I told you so? But you aint heard nothing yet ...

    ..... compared to what is in Store.

    "We were once told that Yen threatened to leave Sun a couple of years back only to have the company's top brass offer him a lucrative "feel better" package." ..... Two wrongs never make IT right.

    The first being someone threatening to leave and being "persuaded" to stay for a lucrative "feel better" package", which shows us all an apathetic motivation rather than innovative and rewarding zeal and not having anyone to take his place/make him redundant after his spark is gone.

    The chip/processor design business is a strange business and not for any Tom, Dick or Harry and the multi-core, multi-thread processor design business is an even stranger and much more intensely rewarding and zealous business. In fact, it is impossible not to see it as an Operating System with an Operating System creating yet another Operating System Virtually ........ which you may like to consider is AI Quantum Computer Leap which you are not going to be enabled to avoid or adversely Control and Influence.

    Roll on Victoria Falls and RockIT Chips for that is where the Information Flow is going .... and you cannot say that you have not been well informed, only that you were less than well enough disposed to agreeing with it and Joining up the Dots ...

    By amanfromMars Posted Thursday 23rd August 2007 06:52 GMT ....

  5. douglas dooley

    2 now

    That includes the former head of software that matters at Sun, Mark Bauhaus, going to all estimation, they were the 2 best executives Jonathan had, unless you are fond of John Fowler's anointed role, as right-hand man...

    Let's see the Java server business exec., and now the Multi-core head, are both gone, perhaps this says nothing about the issues at Sun, and more about the opportunities at Juniper...

    There is optimism in the Glassfish ranks, but disarray in the processor division, as reported by Ashlee, so how to get Sun back? Not by dismissing Bauhaus and Yen. Is it time to buy Azul? Is it time to take WebLogic off the price-list? surely, something beyond just OSS propaganda around Solaris is what will turn the tide...

    revenue growth is within reach, or is there truly a concerted effort to make Sun look more unattractive than it really is? is there a 'white knight'? whether these threats r unfounded or ancient history is debatable and unknown...

    what is known is that there is under-performance, maybe it can be blamed on a separate Chairman and CEO position, maybe it can be blamed on sub-prime mortgages, or maybe its endemic to the model of Solaris-first above everything else, maybe its a skewed perspective that holds back Sun, and watches many of its best people look for their coats...

  6. David Yen


    People can judge me in any way they want, but the following is absolutely

    untrue and non-existent. It insulted my integrity and Sun senior management's

    judgement: "We were once told that Yen threatened to leave Sun a couple of years back only to have the company's top brass offer him a lucrative "feel better" package. McNealy and Co. feared losing the man who knew where all the UltraSPARC bodies were buried and the inner-workings of such a complex business." Thanks for publishing this correction. David Yen

  7. amanfromMars Silver badge

    All the very Best for the Future, anyway, David

    Thanks for the correction, David. It has shed no light however on what Juniper would be offering, or what Sun is not providing, which has led to the move....... after 20 years of effort with Sun.

    And that sort of interest/speculation/motivation revealed, will tell us all everything that anyone would want to know. And powerful information it is too, in the right hands/mind.*

    In a bitchin' world, you'll always get the "dissatisfied with the top executives visionary lead capability" speculation whenever a key building component of such a team, [take a bow, Mr Yen] moves on to greener pastures.

    * It could also be extremely damaging, in the wrong hands/mind ........ but I suppose only really damaging to those who would use it so. Best in all cases then, to be always of the right frame of mind, and especially so whenever you have Time in/on your hands and all the Time in the world to do things right for all the right reasons rather than anything, for no good reason ........ which would render it wrong through its no good reasoning.

    Being outrageously speculative, IT could always be, looking at IT from a dDeeper Perspective, that the move creates another Sun Node in the Grid building the NXXXXT Generation "the Network is the Computer" ........ Morphing Information Flow/Networking/Source Code Sharing [which would be classed as Software] into a Virtual Machine Energising Machines and Computers to Perform Beta Tasks [which would be Hardware] thus Creating a Self Building Virtual Machine for Beta Global Governance of NXXXT Grid Networks InterNetworking ........ for the NeuReal and QuITE SurReal Environment of Virtualisation and ITs Virtualised Spaces/Sectors/Zones. Now that would be a Real Good Beta Program in Deed, indeed...... and easily set up within the Virtualised Environment by ITs Great Game Players.

    And if that smacks of Mastery of the Universe elitism without the egotism,...... well, that would be a pleasant change and well worth a punt/bet/inward investment really.

  8. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Reading from the Same Page in AIDifferent Dimensions/Levels of Consciousness/XXXXistence .....

    ....... for A.N.Other Look and Take on the Nature of Being.

    Further to the * comment above ........ I wonder if the FSA spokesperson who mentioned RockIT Science type people understanding the Changed Times Model in the wake of Northern Rock, meant RockIT Science type people? For he wouldn't be wrong.

    "These decisions were against a backdrop of the FSA’s publicly stated objective that ‘we should create incentives for firms to do the right thing in return for a regulatory dividend – that is less regulatory intervention’3 where the FSA judged that their behaviour (including in their regulatory relationship) and the quality of their management, merited it." ......

    Most certainly are they on the same Parallel Trajectory/CyberFlightPath. Mate the two together and you have Stellar Orbit in Virtual Dominions?

    QuITe obviously, being as how IT so above Imagined, is IT So, is it not?

    AI Point for the Peer Review of this august Register of Views ........... 4FutureVu2.... for the Special Application of Programs in ITs AI FutureVu Betas..... for Shared Grand Visions Creating Future Projects ......... Advanced Simple Mental Projections Virtually Realised ..........Infrastructure Building for Life with ITs Business Profit Providing Future Infrastructure Needs and Feeds with the Free Circulation of ITs Stashed Cash to ITs FutureVu Providers ......... for you can be assured that they will Know how to Spend IT Immaculately ..... for they will Share the Journey with you, every Step of the Way as IT is taken .... Magical Mystery Turing. ........ so that Nobody Misses the Greatest Show in the Universe on this Planet called Earth.

    Pull on your trackSuits, Digg out your trainers and Prepare for RockIT Travels and Travails.

    I Cisco Kid U Not.

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