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  1. dervheid


    but doesn't recognise 'Scotland' as a place.

    Mind you, neither does half the bloody world

    Or Even Half of the "UK"

  2. ReadyPeople
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    @ dervheid - it does...


    I put our jobs on here and I can assure you it does include Scotland - but you need to pick it from the list rather than type it in. This also gives you the opportunity to put in a more narrow location (nested under Scotland in the list)

    Happy to help if needs be



  3. Mad as a Bat

    Here's a belter of a role from Reg Jobs...

    How's this for a brilliant role:

    A whole £1 to £100 per annum. I can't wait to apply, at last I can pay off the mortgage and relax in the sun...

  4. dervheid

    @ ReadyPeople



    It doesn't RECOGNISE Scotland.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Neither does it recognise England. Don't instantly assume the world is against you, laddie.

    Try putting in towns etc, it doesn't seem to like counties either

    Oh and if it says "could not locate <county>", it doesn't have all of the English/Welsh ones either. (Aberdeenshire vs Aberdeen)

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Living Abroad

    I'm british, currently living & working abroad, pondering with the idea of coming back to blighty. Pity I can't add my CV as I currently dont live in the UK.

  7. dervheid

    @ Simon


    Funnily enough, I DON'T "instantly assume the world is against you, laddie."

    It would just be NICE if it actually WORKED.

    It does on other sites. (Given El Reg's propensity for decrying functional inadequacies elswhere...)

    Perhaps you should refer to the wee icon I attached to this and the original post.


  8. Brett Weaver

    Where is it?

    I look at the mast head.. Where is Reg Jobs?

    Course it won't matter

    There will be the usual fictitious jobs in London by the agency which wants to increase its labour pool..

    The "great career steps" which sell you into slavery

    The "fixed term Contracts" which want a contractor at slave wages

    The "family friendly" jobs which mean low wages AND bad conditions..

    Basically if they say anything , assume the opposite and if they neglect to mention something, assume the worst... Then you will be half way to surviving internet job seeking.

  9. Pierre

    Am I the only one

    ... who first read the title as "Steve Jobs gets a facelift"?

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