back to article DOJ blesses XM/Sirius marriage

The US Department of Justice today is giving a nod of approval to the merger between satellite radio companies XM and Sirius, more than a year after the deal was first announced. Although the merger still requires approval from the Federal Communications Commission, the FCC is unlikely to go against the Justice Department's …


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  1. Herby

    If they merge they should give up ONE of the two groups of channels

    So that another competitor can come along. Otherwise, it just won't work. Fine if they want to "merge" but let someone else in the door. It seems only fair.

    Than again, local radio is MUCH better (after you throw out the HD [not high definition] crap).

    Crystal sets rejoice!

  2. Rick Berry

    Ala Carte...

    Interesting little caveat in the PDF about ala carte pricing - "*Available only for subscribers using next generation receivers who select channels via the Internet."

    WTF is a next gen receiver? Sounds like those of us who have factory receivers in our cars are probably SOL and are stuck paying full price...

  3. J-Wick
    Thumb Up

    As long as Sirius keeps BBC Radio 1...

    Yes, yes, I volunatarily pay for (and just as suprising, voluntarily listen to) Radio 1. Bog off, it's better than FM radio this side of the pond...

  4. JeffyPooh
    Paris Hilton

    BBC 1 feed on Sirius is BORING

    The BBC 1 feed found on Sirius is BORING. I actually listened to it for an hour, I actually listened to it for an hour, I actually listened to it for an hour, I actually listened to it for an hour - and that's what it was like.

    The BBC World Service feed found on XM is FAR less repetative. Still extremely repetative, but many times better than the Sirius feed. It was actually a deciding factor in chossing XM over Sirius.

  5. J-Wick
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    Really?! Perhaps the daytime playlist is a little small, but (I think) Chris Moyles & Scott Mills are both hillarious (which of course makes me an idiot in the eyes of El Reg's readership). And the evening DJs do play a great cross section of new music.

    Anyway, if you think it's bad, imagine even more repetition & 20 minutes of commercials an hour. That's what US radio is like...

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