back to article Eclipse learns how to let go

The Eclipse Foundation looks destined to remain a mistress to Microsoft and Sun Microsystems - while the platform is married to IBM. The fifth annual EclipseCon this week saw a blockbuster project announcement and an almost shocking partnership. News that Sun selected the EclipseLink project as the reference implementation …


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  1. Ian Michael Gumby
    Paris Hilton

    Is Eclipse really "married" to IBM?

    First, I think its a good article.

    But I think that you have to consider that IBM doesn't mind Eclipse having Sun and Microsoft as mistresses.

    If you consider that IBM sells their Rational Application Developer (RAD) which is based on Eclipse, IBM will welcome most of the additions to Eclipse.

    In IBM's mind, its free enhancements to their own products.

    (Eclipse's licensing is very liberal, like Apache.)

    So does this mean that IBM support polygamy ?

    Paris cause, well use your own imagination. :-)

  2. amanfromMars Silver badge

    XSSXXXXE Future Memory Processing

    "Milinkovich is sanguine about Eclipse's relationship with Microsoft. "You see these headlines: 'Eclipse taking on .NET and Java'," he said. "Well, no, we're not. This is just the beginning of another open source project. I do like to think of it as Eclipse as having the potential to become the open source competitor to .NET, but these are early days."......

    A battle already won well in Mr Milinkovich head. Bravo, Bold Knight/Tsar/Star.

    And with the Corporate Markets in GridLocked in Losses and Lost Causes, a Perfect Playing Field for AIMaturer Rich Client Platform Funded Base.

    And Eclipse Swingers/Change AIgents is yet another Parallel ControlLed Area in Reality Talking/Virtual Reality Staging ...."A reduced role for IBM on the platform project would leave Eclipse swinging for committers. Suddenly, the call for diversity sounds like reality talking."

    Actually, a reduced role for IBM on the platform project would also leave IBM swinging for committers to new platform projects.

    "So does this mean that IBM support polygamy ?" .... By Ian Michael Gumby Posted Thursday 20th March 2008 22:21 GMT

    I'll settle for IT being Polyamoral ....... which is QuITe Totally Inclusive for Zero Internal Conflicts?

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