back to article Twin-lens reflex camera updated for digital era

If you’re not swayed by titanium-clad compacts or waterproof camcorders, then how about Rolleiflex’s modern take on the traditional 60 x 60mm twin-lens reflex camera? minidigi Rolleiflex’s MiniDigi AF 5.0: just three megapixels The Germany company, which has been manufacturing cameras since the 1920s, launched the MiniDigi …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Let me be the first to say....


    On the original the crank had a purpose, now it is just a switch. And you dont even need that. Bloody hell, what a waste of space.

  2. AMc
    Thumb Up

    Fun - if you like that sort of thing

    As the distance between phones and cameras is shrinking and the compact market is pursing a needless race towards the Gigapixel point and shoot I'm pleased to see something different.

    If it actually has decent optics instead of a massive array of weird shooting modes and a bewildering interface then it has a place IMHO.

    Having seen older people stuggle with tiny buttons and over complex interfaces a digital camera that looks and functions like a film camera seems like a good idea to me.

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