back to article Google ships database porn tool

If you're tired of boring old data sets that lack the pizazz of Web 2.0ocity, then Google has the API for you. Meet the Google Visualization API, which gives developers a chance to add a graphical edge to their applications and data. The company this week dished the API out to the public hoping to "make it easier for a wide …


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  1. ratfox

    Aaah, marketing tools...

    Please note how the Pyramid or the Funnel Widget can be used

    to make a section of your chart look much smaller than it is,

    or in reverse, much larger... Porn indeed.

    Note to self: Never trust a shiny chart.

    I know you know it already, but I insist.

  2. Greg

    You're kidding...

    Right after I do a visualisation implementation as part of my final year university project, working with a set of open source libraries no-one bothered to write docs for, Google go and do this...

    Nice, but you could have done it 3 months ago!

  3. Robert Grant


    Standard Internet trying to be sophisticated but can only think of one metaphor porn :)

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    I read the word 'porn' and clicked like a idiot. None at all!

    Note for the future - 'database porn' isn't normal porn at all.

  5. amanfromMars Silver badge

    War and Peace ..... Sex and Love ...... Great Games Play Virtualisation

    "Note for the future - 'database porn' isn't normal porn at all." ....... Is IT only porn if not done Freely and Mutually Enthused? Or are Certain Pleasures and Delights to be Red Carded/Denied?

    That doesn't make much Sense for Power for then Certain Pleasures and Delights will XPedite XXXXClusive Exe Control Themselves...... So be IT/Que Sera Sera

  6. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    Hmm, alittle research reveals

  7. Adam Collett


    And there was me hoping that somehow google was providing a new database of indexed pr0n sites! DOH!

  8. Anonymous Coward

    I'm glad that

    AC (Dammit) has spilled the beans.

    I hadn't looked, but I was imagining being able to add all sorts of pointers, animations and metaphorical animations to boring old financial presentations.

    I know it must be one of the greatest challenges facing computer scientists and the IT industry --- but, one day, someone might come up with a way to make the average chart or, worse, Powerpoint presentaion *interesting*.

    No, I just have to accept that it's just science fiction, probably for many generations to come.

  9. Anonymous Coward


    No database pron is the really hard stuff. With cross linked indexes and tables having relationships all over the place and INSERT TRIGGERS!!

    Sorry, I have to go lie down now.

  10. Jamie
    Paris Hilton


    You stated it correct, was wondering how they were going to be adding say PARIS to the database. After reading my colleague asked what was wrong and then I had to explain to him my utter dissappointment over the lack of what was stated in the title.

    Paris cause there is real porn.

  11. TheThing
    Thumb Down

    Guys, you need to get out more

    Reg hacks aroused by graphs? ....oooh... would you look at the segments on that.... hubba hubba

  12. Steve

    As Television to literacy, Visualization is to numeracy.

    I think an obvious widget to be constructed would be a picture of Edward Tufte, whose expression would become more agitated, and color become redder and redder as more pointless numbers are shoveled into this phb-ware.

  13. Pixles

    Google Porn Portal API

    Create gadgets and mini widgets are domain names affiliated with my websites

    and blogs.. YOU are all so wrong about "PORN" and " GOOGLE" IT IS VIRTUAL REALIY -The mini widget supplied by Veoh and imbeded in my Blog, supplied a whole bunch of cartoons and a full triple XXX porn movie

    shows the tool and presents the arguments. The problem is not the issue of gadgets and widgets. It is really the ability of gadgets and widgets to infiltrate the Internet and expose children to hard core porn in unison with cartoons. The Cyber Tip Line , The FBI and Google have not responded to my correspondence. I did receive an appology from VEOH.

    The matter is and open portal , Google's gadgets as well as others ,left unchecked can needlessly expose children to porn at any time.

    Sorry is not a cure .The flaw is in the technology...


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