back to article Avaya banks on recession to push cheap comms kit

Avaya has launched a bargain basement version of its unified communications offering which is aimed to appeal to customers worried about the economic downturn. The telephony vendor has repackaged its existing unified communications products, saying they're now available for $0.15 per user per day. It proudly trumpets the fact …


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  1. John

    "This week only, Special Price"

    Its like a car dealership with baloons and a giant ape in the front of their lot. Instead of really ripping you off, they are only going to rip you off a little.

    Having dealt with Avaya technology in the past, and seen the prices they ask for antiquated technology ( no exposure to the new stuff ) it's no suprise they are feeling the pinch. My own personal example was a CF card to backup a phone system. 16MB card, that at the time you could buy for a C note. They were asking thousands for it. Not because it was any different, but because it was theirs...

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    It would be REALLY nice if the Avaya kit would work using standard DPNSS signalling .

    At least their machines would be able to make and receive proper calls to REAL phone systems.

    A Voice Network managers worst nightmare !

  3. Ronster

    DPNSS on Avaya

    You can use DPNSS with Avaya. Lookup IQ2000 from Westell.

    Allegedly Avaya is an acronym:






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