back to article AMD 780G integrated DirectX10.1 chipset

AMD’s 700-series chipsets covers all the motherboard options that a gamer could require for the quad-core Phenom processor. There’s the 790FX with support for CrossFireX to handle three or four graphics cards, the 790X that does CrossFire with two cards, and the 770 that combines Phenom with a single PCI Express (PCIe) 2.0 slot …


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  1. andy rock

    looks nice... and cool. now, if they can just get linux graphics drivers on any distro other than Suse or Redhat, they can have the cash for my next machine.

  2. unhuman

    Hybrid Crossfire

    If hybrid crossfire is effective in using integrated graphics for the windows desktop, etc, and only enabling the graphics card for gaming - that'd be significant power savings and justify the usage of hybrid crossfire in a way your article did not cover.

  3. ton

    forget hybrid

    sideband memory on the motherboard and overclocking the igp get much more result (j&w say the managed 2975 in 3d)

    also forget the be series, the athlon 4850 at 45w or phenom 9150e at 65w will give a big boost (don't forget phenom comes with ht 3.0 which doubles the speed)

  4. Ryan

    @ unhuman

    I think that's the angle nVidia are taking with their incarnation of Hybrid Crossfire, imaginatively named Hybrid SLI. Specifically the bit called HybridPower.

    That and the Vista-only requirement make me think it is simply a feature of DX10.1 that both houses are trying to market as original.


  5. André Marques

    Another use for Hybrid would be...

    A cheap multimonitor machine, right? With both inboard and dedicated graphics you can run up to 4 monitors with no multiplexers. We could use this for some workstations on our company.

  6. david gomm

    so if I'm a gamer then...

    its still the 8800GT all the way ?

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