back to article P2P highwayman gets four years for ID theft

A Seattle man who admitted using file-sharing programs to pinch personal information on 50 people as part of an ID theft scam has been jailed for four years. Gregory Kopiloff, 35, pleaded guilty to mail fraud, computer hacking and aggravated identity theft offences at a hearing before the US District Court in Seattle in …


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  1. Robert-James Cooledge

    Not tooooo clever!!!

    Clveer to do it BUT not too clever as he got caught.

    Should have moved to the UK and then only his wrist would have been slapped.


    Sick of UK.

  2. pet

    What a joke

    this guy did not 'pinch' the information, the 'victim's' freely made the information available, its their fault if they can't configure a simple program for the brain dead like limewire.

  3. Dam

    Re: What a joke

    I was thinkiing just that.

    However please notice that he's not been convicted for *data theft* or unauthorized introduction into a computer system; but for ID theft.

    The court didn't retain the introduction bit because there was no crime related to getting the files, as they were willingly offered.

  4. Spleen


    If I wear my MP3 player on my belt or somewhere similarly vulnerable, rather than in my pocket, it's still theft to swipe it.

    For that matter, if I'm not standing in a martial arts guard, it's still assault to punch me in the face.

  5. Elmer Phud
    IT Angle

    Not that clever

    If he obtained the info from people who had just shared their entire P.C. then there's not a small amount of "What did they expect?".

    Not so much stealing as things being left outside the house with a sign on saying

    "Please take me" and he obliged. Are people who were happy to download unlicensed stuff complaining that they were robbed? (needs Victor Meldrew icon here)

    If you don't want your telly nicked why leave the front door open.

    At least only share a folder or three - a separate partition where only stuff to be shared would be advisable (and then the anti-virus set to scan after a file is complete).

    No I.T. angle - not even a need for stripey jumper and bag with swag if it was that easy.

  6. b

    It's not illegal to be tech unsavvy

    Yes, they were dumb.

    No, they didn't deserve to get ripped off.

    Off your high horses please nerds.

  7. John Band

    More Daily Mail nonsense

    "Should have moved to the UK and then only his wrist would have been slapped"

    I'd be interested to see a story in the UK of someone who stole £75k directly from members of the public escaping without chokey; if there are any such examples, I'd be utterly amazed if they weren't very young, very old or mothers of dependent children.

  8. Andy Morrell

    @ b

    "It's not illegal to be tech unsavvy"

    it should be.....

    There have been report on El Reg before about "Computer Licencing".

    It's a good idea. There are so many things so called "bad" people can do due to the "tech unsavvy". Well now I've stoked the fire have fun :)

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Dollars, not Pounds

    $73k equates to roughly £38k (probably nearer £35k next week).

    I know of one individual who forged signatures, stole banking details, took out a credit card in "someone else's" name and then passed themself off as that "someone else" managing to fraudulently obtain goods and services well worth over £20k whilst also fraudulently claiming excess benefits and failing to disclose other income for taxation purposes. The individual then skipped the country and in so doing effectively abducted a young child. Their location is known by the courts and NOTHING has been done. Yes, SHE is a mother of dependent children. What ever happened to Equality of the Sexes?

    Anonymous, otherwise the register won't be allowed to publish.

  10. Gilbert Wham

    @ john band

    You can probably find some with a quick trawl through the news archives. However, I'll guarantee they won't be very young, very old or mothers of dependent children. Captains of industry maybe? MPs? Peers of the realm?

  11. Anonymous Coward

    @ John Band

    "I'd be interested to see a story in the UK of someone who stole £75k directly from members of the public escaping without chokey"

    MP's seem to get away with it again and again!

  12. Slaine

    @ John Band

    Before a multitude of massive benefits, expenses, freebies, bonuses and bribes (oops sorry, financial incentives that are not designed in any way to sway one's opinion), extra income from future jobs lined up whilst in position, gifts from foreign visitors, transport and security freely laid on and, indeed before not paying tax, the Prime Minister is good for some £100k.

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