back to article Nvidia rolls out 'world's fastest' graphics card

Nvidia has rolled out what it claims is the "fastest graphics card on the planet", the GeForce 9800 GX2, as expected. The GX2 contains two 'G92' GPUs, each with 128 unified shader processors running at 1.5GHz - the chip as a whole is clocked at 600MHz. The two GPUs connect to 512MB of GDDR 3 video memory running at 1GHz. The …


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  1. Alexander B.
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    Been waiting for this card since the 7950GX2! Hope it performs as expected.

  2. Greg


    And I was thinking of upgrading my SLI'd 7900GTX's this year, too. Two of these babies would do nicely!


    Hold the phone. Crap drivers (though let's be fair, it's new), crap heat dissipation, needs oodles of power (so I'd need a new PSU) and only has 512MB of memory?

    So it's basically two GTS cards nailed together, underclocked and minus some RAM?

    Question is, then - is it worth the extra £300-£400 to get two of these over two GTS cards? Sure, the GX2 setup would have more power, but £400 more power?

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