back to article HP to ship SuSE on India PCs

HP has agreed to pre-install Novell's Linux distribution on some of its notebook and desktop range in India. However, the computer maker said it currently has no plans to extend that deal to EMEA. SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10-loaded HP computers will begin shipping to India in the second quarter of this year. The deal …


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  1. A J Stiles


    EMEA? Is that the East Midlands and East Anglia?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @AJ Stiles...

    ...PLEASE tell me you are joking?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  3. Patrick O'Reilly

    Answer: EMEA?

    Europe, Middle East and Africa

  4. wiscados


    Too bad SUSE sucks...

  5. Jared Earle


    Is Google broken?

  6. A J Stiles

    @ wiscados

    SuSE isn't bad, per se. After all, it's really just a crude attempt to weld RPM onto Slackware (or was it SoftLandings?)

    But SuSE *users* are distro-snobs of the worst kind -- they are convinced that their distribution is so much better than everyone else's.

  7. Neil Greatorex


    "Too bad SUSE sucks..."

    Sucks what?

  8. Jay

    Too bad

    Poor Indians, SuSE sucks!

    Guess this is how Novell is going to find Novell experienced people to work in their call centres.

  9. jedd
    Gates Horns

    A. Almost everything

    Q. Sucks what?

    I'm a Debian bigot, verily, but SuSe really does blow the big one - I've discovered this after having been forced to use it in a Novell shop here (5 servers deployed so far, 60 to go).

    It's horrible in all the ways that Redhat and Solaris and AIX were wantonly horrible - it's designed badly, with minimal care, and targetted at people who expect OS maintenance to be complex and difficult. I guess it makes good marketing sense - people with low expectations are easily separated from their money.

    Installing applications typically requires a separate activity to actually start them, and then a lengthy read through of non-SuSe-specific README files in the (if they remembered to provide it) /usr/share/doc/packages directory ... where you attempt to translate the compilation instructions into a 'this is how you should configure it on SuSe' sequence. Monumental waste of everyone's time and money.

  10. Rick Leeming

    Why does SUSE Suck?

    Really come on. I've used OpenSUSE as my OS of choice for a few years now. Though I have had some holidays with RedHat and Ubuntu. Where SUSE falls down is that it has Too Much Stuff included by default. Where it wins is hardware support. I ended up with SUSE after multiple failed attempts at installing Ubuntu onto my Lab Boxen. I was trying to escape Mandrake/Mandriva for some reason I can't actually remember now.

    I have also been responsible for rolling Ubuntu onto peoples machines, and some copies od Redhat on servers. It's no better or worse than any other distro, but at least it's users don't wave it in front of everyone's face telling them that it's The Ultimate OS a la Ubuntu & OSX users.

    *shrug* I'll no doubt get flamed, but it'll be by fanboys, who's opinions are by deafault worthless.

  11. b shubin

    Pinko progress

    @ jedd

    actually, to be fair to RedHat, they've come a long way in package and process management. there are service scripts and chkconfig for many standard processes, and yum is now the default package manager. it's all quite manageable (for the most part), actually. much like Debian is, eh?

    trash not what ye find unfamiliar. there's something about Debian, that Ubuntu has become so popular, mostly at Debian expense. all UNIX/Linux versions have their weaknesses. derivative versions and forks are the result (just ask the DragonflyBSD project).

    that being said, SuSE is still crap by comparison, even if they get indemnified access to all the proprietary stuff from their "partner" in Redmond (got to hand it to Ballmer, he'd look right at home in a pimp suit - makes sense, he's from Detroit).

  12. TeeCee Gold badge

    @Rick Leeming

    I'm with you. Out of all the distros I've played with, I keep sticking with SuSe. It's the only one that's installed first time of asking on everything I've thrown it at and I've only had one mare over a driver (which was partially my fault for not being more thorough researching it).

    From reading round here, I guess I must be the only one who finds the Ubuntu installer more hardware-intolerant than MacOS........

  13. Laxman

    Pirated Windows...

    will be installed on the computers the minute you buy them. My friend bought an Acer notebook with Linux, and the dealer installed Windows from the OEM disks on it without any hassle. I can't imagine a lot of people who would want their computer without Windows and MS Office (that'll be pirated too, most of the time)

  14. Michael

    I'm using opensuse right now.

    One reason I like it so much, is the ability to log into root as a user ,(no fiddling with command lines)... good hardware support too...

    Now if only there was an RPM version of AptOnCd, it'd be perfect.

  15. Chika
    Dead Vulture

    A SuSE snob? Moi?

    I've been using SuSE since around V6, and I like it. I'm hardly likely to try and cop an attitude over anyone else's distro, however, since a lot of the reason why I switched had more to do with my dislike of Redhat, not a specific liking for SuSE.

    But I can't answer for anyone else. You see, generalisations can be dangerous. Including that one!

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