back to article HP wants to get physical with virtual servers

HP refuses to let its software partners enjoy all of the virtualization glory. The company today announced a broad virtualization management package that will see HP tread on the toes of partners such as VMware and start-ups such as Scalent. Witness the power of HP Insight Dynamics - VSE. This management code combines a number …


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  1. Skullrippa
    Dead Vulture

    Adaptive infrastructure ! EL Reg missing the point?

    Insight dynamics is about freedom of choice, meaning you are constrained to VMware Xen VSE or Micrososft Hyper V but can leverage the best of them all.

    Logical servers mean exactly that , no more tating about with prolonged migrations or messy scripted scale outs during periods of heavy loads.

    What about the adaptive infrastructure play from HP how can you mention Insight Dynamics and not mention Adaptive Infrastructure from HP? come on El Reg sharpen those talons abit.

  2. Matt Bryant Silver badge

    Adaptive Infrastrcuture was a sharp lesson to HP.

    Adaptive Infrastructure was meant to be the datacenter killer-app, the only problem was it meant you had to throw out what you had and start with brand new datacenters in an all-or-nothing change. The technology was good and it worked, but at a steep price in purchase and change. Whilst HP picked up a few big customers, they learned a lot from the majority of the market saying they'd rather adapt and grow what they had, which is why they are unlikely to push the new tools as competitiors to VMware or Scalent. If you look at their tools like OpenView or System Insight Manager, HP takes care to ensure it's tools are both inclusive and easily adaptible, so I expect will be Insight Dynamics - VSE. VSE on Integrity was necessary as there really wasn't an alternative product that could host all the OS's (hp-ux, Windows and Linux) in such a reliable and simple to implement manner (sorry, Xen fans, but I've played with both and Integrity Virtual Machines is better, and fits neatly into the HP management tools), especially given that HP aims IVM to host ServiceGuard clusters between VMs and HP always strive for 5 nines (99.999% planned uptime) with SG.

    Just because you didn't get an invite to the launch party there's no need to sulk and throw insinuations of domineering aggression about! :P

  3. Anonymous Coward

    "VSE on Integrity .... all the OS's (hp-ux, Windows and Linux)"

    Adaptive Infrastructure when I last looked was more about marketing than technology.

    Anyway, you missed one Integrity OS (hint: anagram of MVS).

    But as you appear to be an HP employee (or is that just a coincidence?) maybe I shouldn't be surprised, most HP employees show little sign of knowing about VMS, let alone caring about it. There are a few honourable exceptions, for a while.

    Isn't it normally considered appropriate to make one's affiliation clear in cases like this?

  4. Anonymous Coward

    HP First

    I know El-reg acknowledges that .....

    HP reckons that it's the first vendor "to let customers seamlessly manage virtual and physical servers with a single tool," although plenty of folks out there might beg to differ. A host of start-ups certainly have physical and virtual server management code.........

    However the propaganda on the yahoo site stills claims HP to be the 1st!!!

    Fujitsu Siemens, through their partnership with Engenera have been doing this for years for many different customers so not is it not unique, its not first, it involves yet another software license and plug-in from HP and just goes to show that if you are big enough and ugly enough you can re-write history.

  5. Matt Bryant Silver badge

    RE: Anonymous Cowards

    RE: Anonymous Coward number 1 - "....But as you appear to be an HP employee ...." Actually, no I'm not. And I didn't get an invite to the launch party either. Obviously, Like Ash's, mine must be lost in the post?

    RE: Anonymous Coward number 2 - "....Having worked with Egenera kit a few years back I can say I really liked the technology, but to install it you used to have to cut a special install CD for each frame which was a mix of Linux and Windows, then you could only manage one frame at a time, and the standard solution had too many single points of failure. FSC picked up Egenera when they realised they're blades were losing big time to HP and IBM. At the time we were comparing the Egenera to the HP and IBM blades - it took a whole two days to get an Egenera frame up and configured with considerable consultancy involved, whereas the HP and IBM blades could all be remotely configured and managed with out-of-the-box tools by a single admin. HP has since gone on to lead the management and deployment tools race, and VSE will just stretch that lead. HP is now the lead blade vendor, whilst Egenera has remained a niche product mainly in the financial markets.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Matt: Are you now, or have you ever been :)

    employed at HP, 'cos there certainly used to be a Matt Bryant in the address book... if it's a coincidence, fair enough.

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