back to article Dell quads up single-socket rockets

Dell today is selling two new single-socket servers with speedy quad-core chips and copious memory capacity for small businesses. Round Rock claims it's created the "industry's highest performing one-socket quad-core servers," by plunking the Intel Xeon 5000 series chip into smaller server boxes. Reflective black: the new …


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  1. James Smith


    Lots `o` memory.

    However, the problem these days is not CPU power or memory capacity, its disk I/O.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    It was all good until...

    It was all good until reading the "Trusted Platform Module" is included.


  3. fluffels
    Paris Hilton

    @ "it was all good until..."

    they are *servers*.

    it's ok to have TPMs in servers.

    it's not ok to have them in your computer, because of all your pirated software, or pirated porn, righ?

  4. Peter Ford

    Rack server mark-up

    I never quite understood why the rack version is $250 more than the tower - is it a volume issue?

    I have a nice rack in my comms room for the lovely servers, and half of it is taken up with towers lying on their sides on shelves!

    It's a shame, since a tower-on-a-shelf is about 5U, but the same spec in a rack is only 1U (or 2U if you want lots of disks), but $250 plus the cost of the rails (extra with Dell - it's like flying Ryanair...) is quite a premium for a sexy server room and CDs that don't fall out when you eject...

    I think tower servers should be banned - real IT systems are 19 inches wide!

  5. David Cornes
    Paris Hilton

    @ Peter Ford

    I think you'll find modern tower servers ARE 19" high, especially so they too can be fitted into racks if required. In fact I know Dell for one sell conversion kits to rackmount at least some of their towers.

    Sometimes all those extra slots and drive bays are super-useful for building beefy servers.

    Paris 'cos she could do with a decent rack ;-)

  6. Anonymous Coward

    lots of disks?

    Ever hear of a SAN? How about iSCSI?

    Who even uses local disk anymore? Oh right ... the same people who would buy a Dell ... Cheap Asshats!

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    lots of disks

    erm......iSCSI.......did you hear who Dell bought?....ever heard of Equallogic?......sounds like these are the perfect little pizza box for an iSCSI SAN

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