back to article Brainchipped flesh-cloak cyborg bug-bug passes milestone

DARPA (the Pentagon asylum for usefully-insane scientists) is apparently making progress with its plan to build cyborg infiltrator machines wearing living creatures like fleshy cloaks. Lest anyone think that this is a story about California politics, however, one should note that thus far DARPA and its associated groups are …


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  1. Tim
    Thumb Up

    Where's my flying car?

    With a moths brain harvested to steer it home when I'm too chemically imbalanced to legally fly!

  2. Jared Earle

    You have 15 seconds ...

    You have 15 seconds to mayfly ...

    I'll get my carapace.

  3. Elmer Phud

    Men in Black part?

    It'll be interesting to see what's inside the shell known as 'John McCririck' as it certainly doesn't appear to be human. A beta Terminator, perhaps?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    Guess I'll be stomping

    moths for a while looking for the metal innards. I think I'll go lie down now I don't feel well.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I see the genius of this plan

    Osama bin Laden's credibility will take a tumble when his latest Al-Jazeera blockbuster features him in moth-eaten rags.

    It's genius when you think about it.

  6. Anonymous Coward


    As fascinating as this is - hahahahahahahhahhahahahahahahahahaha!

  7. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Fruit and Nut Cases

    Crikey ..... and I Question my Sanity? What a Relief. Patients in Need of AQur.... with AI Binary VXXXXines? The Great Virtual Step. :-)

  8. Fluffykins


    Control the bug-bug? Larva you than me.

    We can prove you've been naughty, not LIce. You've been bug bugged. Worm your way out of that one

    I'll presumably pick up the radio link on my chrysalis set. Do I need a special Ant-enna?

    Is using bugs to gather intelligence for the government a kind of anarcophobia?

    Would the police have to use any particular specis? Bluebottles?

    If they caught me beating someone up, would they charge me with assault and butterfly?

    Just think - when these things finally make it into the public domain, we'd have mothers-in-law using the dragon-fly variant.

    That's all, I'm pupa'd

    Be aphid. Be very aphid

  9. John Watts

    This one's easy to defeat ...

    just put a bloody big lamp somewhere outside your terrorist training camp.

  10. Bad Beaver


    I can see it now, one of the labcoat-guys finally has too much caffeine, climbs on top of the Pentagon, pockets full of mecha-moths, stands with arms spread, screams "I SEND THEE MY BUGS! UP YOUR ASS, PETA! FLY! FLYYY!". Snickering snipers in the background.

    BTW, Americans, this is what you pay taxes for. Grown men playing with bugs.

  11. multipharious


    ...stand out. Especially when the sun hits their shiny new robotic monkey bodies.

    Just think of it as a new immersive experience in alternate sentience. They likely will not even need to apple core a larger being. Just hack the hell out of it and send it pleasure/pain sensations for doing the right/wrong thing. We are already able to get the brain to learn and even grow to interface with external devices to help paralyzed and locked in (but still very conscious) humans to access a computer and thus the world around them. That just means that the PoC is done. And that is what the public knows about.

    I am sure that there will be no shortage of dolts or even higher intelligence humans looking for a varied level of symbiotic/mutually parasitic relationship with some government organization. Occasional surrender of autonomy in exchange for surgical implants and good pay.

    Hell, this is already done to force suicide bombers to target WITHOUT wires. Threaten their families. Imagine that sort of impetus jacked straight into the brain if one strayed from the mission objectives.

    OR the increased chances of a team of people working behind you with external feed and information sources as you [perform random mission type] with visual and auditory feedback to the team.

  12. Big Pete

    Android camel of death

    If you think android moths are scary, check this out.

  13. Anonymous Coward

    Immense Austrian bodybuilders?

    So you have seen Arnies latest pics then. Now thats what I call scary.

  14. amanfromMars Silver badge

    All for One, One for All, ..... C'est l'Amour

    "OR the increased chances of a team of people working behind you with external feed and information sources as you [perform random mission type] with visual and auditory feedback to the team." .... By multipharious Posted Tuesday 18th March 2008 21:52 GMT

    A much better Route for Teams Going All the Way, multipharious, with every chance of batting with the Nefarious.

    Some souls come at IT from a reverse angle ..... "Are we struggling to make machines more like humans when we should be making humans more like machines….."

    After all, so very few of them live their own Lives just as they would wish, which means that it is being hoovered up by others doing probably just what they wish with no Thought of the Future and Consequence and Just Desserts.

    Having Swallowed the Financial Poison of Handling Toxic Intellectual Property Waste though, the Prognosis is ...Miracle Needed?

  15. Mark Roome

    and so

    Rise of the Machines this is not why?

    @Fluffykins: you need a lie down after that, maybe a bit of a life even.

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