back to article Manhunt 2 gets green light for UK release

Manhunt 2 has finally won a UK rating, allowing the violent videogame to be sold in Britain legally. Manhunt2 Manhunt 2: We can almost taste its UK arrival. The Video Appeals Committee (VAC) this week ruled that the slasher game must be granted an 18 rating, clearing the way for the title to be sold to buyers of that age …


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  1. Liam

    i dont see the issue...

    surely this film is nowhere near as gruesome as films like hostel - that try to sexify torture and snuff - this is just a none story - just because some child might get hold of it. as long as its rated 18 im fine with this - the onus should be on parents not on the rest of us

  2. Andy Jones

    Is it censored?

    Apparently the US version is censored in places, with the graphics blacked out or distorted to hide the gore violence. So is the British version going to be like this?

    Doesn't matter to me anyway because I have been playing an uncensored hacked version on my PSP for several weeks now.

  3. Anonymous Coward
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    "brandene,pass me that thier axe.ahh got me some hacking to do"

  4. Steven Raith

    The BBFC believes Manhunt 2 is too violent....

    "The BBFC believes Manhunt 2 is too violent to be safely played by children or "vulnerable adults", so should not be allowed on sale at all."

    Well, they had better ban News 24 [and pretty much every news channel going], a few years back I remember seeing video footage being looped, day after day, of jumbo jets being flown into buildings, and *real people* jumping from hundreds of feet above the ground to their certain, incredibly violent, non-open-casket-funeral deaths.

    Which disturbed me far, far more than any video game I have ever played, frankly.

    BBFC should concentrate more on actually getting shops to enforce the ratings system, in the same way that rather that rather than introducing ASBOs, the government should clamp down on publicans who sell to drunks, and off-licenses that sell booze to kids - go for the disease, not the symptoms.

  5. Matt

    I think

    "Manhunt 2 has finally won a UK rating, allowing the violent videogame to be sold in Britain legally."

    should be

    "Manhunt 2 has finally won a UK rating, allowing the boring, uninspired, rubbish videogame (not that, that is rare nowadays) to be sold in Britain legally."

    As an aside I remember watching a bbc news crew get hit by US bombs live one morning before work (like 5am i had quite the commute back then) that was pretty f---ed up blood splatters on the camera and everything.

  6. b shubin

    US gaming

    of course Manhunt 2 is available here, it's not like it has boobies, now, is it? if it did have some female anatomy in it (instead of all the vicious, slash-happy, sadistic, Saw-movie-fandom stuff), it would have died a quiet death, because gory, extreme violence is just good clean fun, but boobies would DESTROY THE VERY FABRIC OF DECENT SOCIETY!!1111!

    needless to say, the only bush they ever show on TV is our fscktard of a president. classic definition of a shame and a waste.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    censorship here

    The funniest thing here (In the country where Street Fighter character M Bison is from). Nudity and sex is covered up, edited out and banned. But I recently watched a kids animation film, disney i think, and during the pre-movie trailers was one where a man was having a spear put through his eye in graphic detail.

    nice for the kids!.

    i was in an internet cafe two days ago and as i checked my mail i saw a knife weilding soldier slashing people on the screen next to me, and then a kid who was no taller than the chair at the controls.

    is manhunt 2 an online network game? if so then im pretty sure all the school kids here will be playing it.

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  9. Giles Jones Gold badge

    Re: i dont see the issue...

    The difference is you become the killer when playing a game.

    When watching a film you are just watching, they're not interactive.

    A normal sociable person who plays such a game for a few hours a week won't be affected. A person who has no friends, stops in and plays games all the time might be affected.

    Graphics are becoming more realistic and it's easy to lose sense of where you are.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Giles Jones

    So, presumably you support banning anything which might skew the outlook of an obsessed, misanthropic loner?

    I look forward to the illegalization of... well, pretty much everything. Really well-though-out point of view there.

    The fact is that it doesn't *matter* if video games - or, for that matter, any other form of expression, entertainment, or *thought* - might cause an individual to go nuts. We, as humans, have the right to freedom of thought and expression - not freedom only insofar as it is compatible with the most sensitive and violence-prone among us. If we go down that road, we'll *all* end up in rubber rooms.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    Careful with that axe Eugene

    Can you play as Lizzie Borden?

  12. Neil

    I have no friends...

    ...I have no friends Giles...I've been playing Battlefield for 6 years now and have managed not to knife, ex-pack, grenade or shoot anyone on my commute to work.

    Just because the graphics are more realistic I don't think it is more likely to turn someone into a psychopath. Films look real after all.

    In my opinion games in the 80's and early 90's which had no ratings and poor graphics are just as likely to have turned someone in to a rabid slashing maniac as modern games. You had to use your imagination after all to get through the crude graphics.

  13. Andy Worth

    @Giles Jones

    The only thing you'd lose when playing Manhunt 2 is however many minutes you bother to play it for before falling asleep. You can never get that time back you know?

    "A normal sociable person who plays such a game for a few hours a week won't be affected. A person who has no friends, stops in and plays games all the time might be affected."

    Your argument lacks any kind of reasoning. I used to (I stress 'used' to) be a hardcore gamer and as you delicately put, stopped in and had no friends (offline anyway) but was never tempted by games I played to replicate my actions in real life. The simple fact is that I am not mentally unhinged, so I have no difficulty separating games (or for that matter tv/film) from reality.

    The type you refer to are the same type of people who send death threats to actors playing certain characters in soaps, because they hold them responsible for the actions of their character. The people who cannot separate one world from another because their brain is incapable of doing so.

    It's basically the standard argument that people use to blame tv/film/games for all of societies violent problems, but the simple and unavoidable fact is that the problems we have in society are a lot more serious and complicated.

    Not that I disagree about Manhunt 2, but for different reasons. I'd simply like it to disappear on the basis that it will be rubbish, which in fact it probably will very soon after release.

  14. Ash

    Manhunt 2...

    ... < SAW

    Seriously, the guy who made that film is wrong. The game is just boring.

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