back to article Bill Gates goes to Washington, again

Bill Gates is expected to testify before the US House Committee on Science and Technology later today, giving Microsoft’s view on the need for education and immigration reform. Although the committee – which will today be celebrating its 50th anniversary – has no jurisdiction over immigration, Gates will argue that the US …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    He dropped a word...

    It should be...

    Gates thinks that relaxing the restrictions on visas would address the shortage of [cheap] scientists and engineers in the US.

  2. Ice Man
    Gates Horns

    Greedy Gates

    Gates wants cheap labor here in the US. There are plenty of qualified US citizens for Gates Inc. to choose from. If Gates wants more qualified workers then push reform of the education program in the US. Too many schools in the US are going away from the fundamentals and have opted for the lazy route of teaching children how to be intouch with one's innerself. I have a difficult time finding schools for my kids to attend. My kids attend a school 30mins away. The school they attend focuses on Math, science, and reading/writing. Gates is out of touch with the reality that the common worker faces everyday.

  3. Kurt Guntheroth

    visa reform

    If an H1b visa gave the holder an unlimited right to work for any employer for a period of time, no restrictions would be necessary. Denied the slave labor pool, industry's appetite for foreign workers would decrease.

  4. Doug

    not much mentioned on education reform

    Maybe Bill is saving the bashing of the OLPC project for the meeting. After all, we all know that donations to schools and libraries restricting their choices to Windows and only Windows is good for everyone. Well, Bill and the Bill and Melinda Gates Froundation seems to think so.

    But Gates sure has fooled the world into thinking he actually knows more than he really does about technology. Or he's fooled them into forgetting that everything outside of their monopoly have been financial failures.

    I can't wait to read about what tonic he ends up talking about this time.

  5. Andrew Smith

    Good plan!

    Asking Microsoft for eductaion help is likely to receive only one response, you need Vista on all computers in all schools.

    Maybe if governments start looking at open source (not to mention free) software we might learn more at school about the workings of a computer, instead of the shitty M$ way.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    h1b for students

    Gates education reform is probably issue h1b's for students so he can import future wetback programmers, educate them, then enslave them.

  7. Name
    Paris Hilton

    sport fanatic nation

    Duh! Where and when are we going to cultivate the needed engineers/scientist from the dysfunctional US pre-collage school system?

    The emphasize on sport is troubling, schools spend more time and resource on sports program then the math/science.

    Paris, because even she can figure this one out by herself.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    This is a farce.

    We don't need computers at all in primary education. What we need are students that are literate and can deal with math. Pushing exposure to computers into the younger years so the kids can play games or learn to do data entry is nonsense.

  9. PushF12
    Thumb Down

    Economic Slavery leads to Corporate Feudalism

    If we don't prevent malevolent people like Bill Gates from legalizing economic slavery, then Corporate Feudalism will be the next stage of our government.

    It would, however, be completely worthwhile to go there if His Billness and His Steveness would try to kill each other on horseback with lances.

  10. Geoff Mackenzie

    Steve and Bill Jousting

    Bill's lance would break when his horse started moving and Steve's would be made of foam rubber to avoid the risk of injury.

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