back to article Anti-trust committee checks out Windows 7

The US court-mandated technical committee (TC) responsible for pulling Microsoft into line over a 2002 federal anti-trust settlement is reviewing Windows 7. It said in a joint status report filed in a federal court in the District of Columbia last week that it had received a build of Microsoft’s next big operating system and is …


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  1. Morely Dotes

    Price inflation says (re: Windows Vista Ultimate, which is the only version anyone should consider):

    List Price: $399.95

    Amazon Price: $269.97

    And the same source for Windows XP SP2:

    List Price: $299.99

    Price: $269.99

    So it would appear there is significant price inflation if one considers the MSRP (a full 33+% price increase), but actual price according to Amazon is the same.

    Of course, it's bloody unlikely anyone is actually *buying* Windows that isn't pre-installed on a PC anyway.

  2. Sceptical Bastard

    Anticipation - but not the good sort

    Windows 7 next year, possible earlier. Oh no, not another one!

    Like the proverbial buses, we wait seven years for a new OS from Microsoft then they start turning up in droves. In Vista's case, mind you, less like a bus than a overloaded heavy lorry ploughing through quicksand powered by a lawnmower engine.

    (BTW, today I visited a client's office where - to my amazement - their workstations still run on Win 98SE)

  3. Robert Armstrong

    So is Windows7 the Ultimate Vista?

    I went for the Ultimate and all I got was Vista?

    Will Dell and HP have Windows7 compatible boxes or is Intel planning to continue bribing MS to claim my 486 box is Windows7 capable?

  4. Giles Jones Gold badge

    Media is the focus

    The browser isn't tied into the OS as much now. Media players are where all the focus is.

    So long as there's DRM and incompatible protection methods then media monopolies will exist.

    The big problem with media formats on computers it they are all developed by individual companies.

    Physical formats like DVD and Blu-ray are collaborations.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Why was silverlight installed as an Important update?

    I accepted the important updates to Windows, I got frigging Silverlight installed, it broke my build machine.

    Please tell me what the f*** Microsoft thinks it's doing ramming it's failed **** onto my hard disk using Windows update!?

    Yeh, we get it, they can't compete with Flash so they force it onto people as part of a batch of 'important' updates.

  6. Randy

    Re: Anticipation - but not the good sort

    **Windows 7 next year, possible earlier. Oh no, not another one!**

    I keep thinking about Win98/WinMe/W2K vs WinXP/Vista/Win7... so I for one am really looking forward to it, and hoping for the best.

  7. Joerg

    As usual Microsoft will win thru bribery...

    ... and the judges will be happy thanks to the many "gifts" they will receive to rule in favor of the wanna-be-god Bill Gates and his gang.

  8. Joseph Helenihi

    @ Morely Dotes

    "Of course, it's bloody unlikely anyone is actually *buying* Windows that isn't pre-installed on a PC anyway."

    Or *pirating* it for that matter...

    ...avast ye swabs, prepare to be boarded, er, oh, nevermind. We see ye have nothing but tough times yerselves. Sorry for the bother, as ye were.

    / the navy blue longcoat with gold piping and captain's epaulets, thanks.

  9. James Henstridge

    class action

    Just wait for the new class action lawsuit when they release Windows 7 from consumers who purchased the Ultimate Edition of Windows.

    They paid all that money on the assumption that it was the last version of Windows, and then Microsoft comes out with another version.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    we are a bunch of masochists

    gee lets see many windows so much pain...(thank you sir can i have another!)

    i am just curious why are we actully coming back for more willingly mind you for more punishment from M$?

    i mean other than about 80% more or less is actuly forced into using the product because its "popular"?

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    You fools just keep paying for it...

    You fools just keep paying for it whether it works or not. I doubt they care much about how well it works because they continue to make a truck load regardless. Fools.

    Stop using it and send a message that they have to start making software (OS) that actually works well and earn their cash for a change.

  12. Peter Capstick
    Thumb Down

    Microsoft Silverlight

    While i can understand your frustration with Microsoft Silverlight.

    I do not see why it's Microsoft's fault that you installed it.

    If you had just been bothered enough to set automatic updates download to manual download. You could have reviewed the updates & picked the ones you wanted. Silverlight is not compulsory.

    It's no good randomely downloading everything in sight, then complaining it's Microsoft's fault. If you cannot be bothered taking the time to learn how your system works, & don't want to adjust settings. Buy an Xbox or PS3. PC's are not for idle/lazy users, they are for people who use their brains.

    PS No slur intended on console users.

  13. Jason Togneri

    More than one problem here

    "Microsoft has chalked 2010 as the year customers can expect Windows 7 to be released. But rumours have recently surfaced that suggest the firm, in the face of fierce criticism of the much-unloved Vista, could be planning to parachute the OS in as early as the second half of next year."

    So, with Vista being so bad, their option is to rush through another half-complete, bug-ridden OS that hasn't been properly coded, tested or indeed, finished? To be honest, if I want the next Windows OS, I'll be prepared to wait for them to learn from their mistakes (XP before SP2 and Vista generally) and take their time to make an OS that really challenges open source/Mac OS. Rushing things out is what got them into trouble in the first place.

  14. Stephen
    Gates Horns

    @ "You fools just keep paying for it..."

    "You fools just keep paying for it whether it works or not. I doubt they care much about how well it works because they continue to make a truck load regardless. Fools.

    Stop using it and send a message that they have to start making software (OS) that actually works well and earn their cash for a change."

    So tell me did your PC have a Windows code sticker on it when purchased?

    You are aware that its practically impossible to buy a complete system without a Windows OEM Pre-installed and part of the cost these days right?

    Seriously every PC outlet sells all complete systems with OEM Windows to Joe Public, If you buy a whole system you will pay M$ its that simple. The only way to avoid this is to either build your own system buy the Linux one from Dell's extremely well hidden Linux system's web page.

    Face it if your PC has a Windows code stuck on it, you paid already. There is simply no option NOT TO for the relatively IT clueless Joe Public, which is the problem.

  15. Senor Beavis

    Long goodbyeeee

    Vista's en route to that place where Betamax, HD DVD and Windows ME have gone. They're all sitting there dunking low-quality biscuits in weak tea in that room in hell for also-rans.

    And as I'm feeling zero-tolerance today, if anyone is considering arguing the toss that Betamax and HD DVD were technologically superior, which company would you have preferred to invest in?

    Vista = overly expensive, copy-cat tosh pushed by a company that insults its customers by telling them that what they really, really need are superficial features and a trip to the shops to buy a faster fscking PC to run the damn thing. They haven't even succeeded in taking significant market share away from THEIR OWN PRODUCT.

    Flame on m****rf*****s

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    i wonder...

    is it apropiate to compare vista to now infamous windows millenium?

    which one gives more punishment?

  17. analyzer

    @Stephen "You fools just keep paying for it..."

    Yes 'Fools' is the correct term.

    linux emporium PC's/Laptops pre-installed with Linux no MS software tax in sight

    Novatech PC's and laptops can be obtained with no OS installed and hence no MS tax in sight

    It can be done, just need to not be a lemming

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Was I the only one who misread it as "Blackbomb"?

    Brain fart or profechy? One wonders...

  19. Phil

    @Stephen "You fools just keep paying for it..."

    And just to add one into the mix, recently bought a new laptop from without an OS.

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