back to article Intel's Otellini faces Brussels court

Intel's boss Paul Otellini is giving evidence in Brussels today as part of a two-day hearing into monopoly charges against the chip giant. Intel is accused of offering rebates to computer makers which favoured its chips over those from rival AMD. The two-day hearing is being held in closed session in front of Karen Williams, …


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  1. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Answer the Question rather than Avoid the Answer, please.

    "Intel has denied any wrongdoing, saying the market for computer chips is working normally and that its conduct has been lawful and pro-competitive." ....... But do they admit/concede the charges.

    Me Granny always used to say Two Wrongs don't make a Right, never did and never will. She was SMART Guided there.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    And fourthly

    The Commission would like to know if Intel is taking the mickey at the same time by naming its CPUs "Doily".


    Intel denied The EU Charges

    Dear amanfromMars,

    FYI - Intel did not admit/concede the charges, they denied them.

    The EU has examined Intel's business practices in Europe for six years, but the investigation was renewed somewhat in 2005 after AMD formally accused its arch-rival of anti-competitive actions, launching legal action in Japan and the US. The lawsuits followed a ruling by Japan's competition watchdog that Intel had abused its market leadership there. That's a charge Intel denies, similarly rejecting such claims in other markets. Even so, EC officials raided Intel premises in July 2005, as part their investigation.

    Please don't make things up. Thank you.

  4. Marc Savage


    From what I can understand AMFM was reading between the lines.

    Basical iIntel are saying because the CPU market is working fine no matter what they did. What they did is not wrong.


    @Marc Savage

    That would be a fine argument, if intel was being accused of doing right or wrong. They're not. What they are being accused of is doing Legal or Illegal. Your argument is about breaking morals, the EU's and AMD's argument is about breaking the law.

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