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The tablet PC may never have come close to achieving the success Microsoft hoped for when it launched the concept a few years back, but these transforming laptops have won a solid audience. Unfortunately, with many tablet PCs the inclusion of a screen that can be operated with a stylus but not a finger hasn’t done anything for …


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  1. Whitter

    Rose-tinted glasses

    I see nothing here not available on the TC4400, a great machine, without Vista, that could recognise handwriting just fine thanks. I assume. I've only a TC4200 myself, but that did the biz just fine.

    I did of course immediately reformat the disk and re-install the system, due to the trial-app rust that HP always puts into anything...

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Cheap laptop?

    Oh, I thought this was some kind of cheap laptop for £27.10

  3. Steven Hewittt

    Still cradling the OSS fanatics

    "Perhaps importantly for an OS that still suffers from instability, tablet use is improved by the inclusion of a dedicated Ctrl-Alt-Del button"

    You have used Windows since 1999 I take it? Or maybe your one of those 'technologists' that because you write about technology you demand admin rights on your machine - filling it with crap till the applications run riot and remove any chance of a well performing or secure system. E.G. your average Windows user.

    Windows has been as stable on the desktop as any other OS for the last 8 years. Stability and reliabiltiy on the server i'll have to hand it to the *nix crew (not a huge amount between Linux and Windows, but fair enough Linux still has the grown) - but touting Windows as have instability issues in 2008 is pure fanboism. (Be it *nix, Mac or Windows - fanbois are the ones talking crap that will cater for the masses / audience regardless of facts.)

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Re: Still cradling the OSS fanatics

    Steven, HP put a dedicated Ctrl-Alt-Delete button on the laptop, not the reviewer of this article. What faith HP must have in the OS!

    The sad fact is, that despite improved stability you still need to regularly reboot a Windows machine, assuming of course that you actually use the machine and that it's not just a decorative ornament. Whether or not you like the fact, other operating systems can have months even years of uptime on the desktop.

  5. Andrew Tiney

    no fanatic

    "You have used Windows since 1999 I take it? Or maybe your one of those 'technologists' that because you write about technology you demand admin rights on your machine - filling it with crap till the applications run riot and remove any chance of a well performing or secure system. E.G. your average Windows user."

    I have used many operating systems over the past decade and beyond, and from a personal standpoint I don't have a preference for any of them. As long as the applications I need run with as little trouble as possible, I'll take Windows, Mac or Linux.

    However, I've used a depressing amount of old and new software on just about every laptop to be released over the past few years and, in standard form - i.e. out of the box and as most consumers will use them - the machines at my disposal offering Vista have suffered from more stability issues than their XP-based stablemates.

  6. Shagbert

    Re: Still cradling the OSS fanatics

    Dear God! It's like you've never used a (vaguely) secured Windows box before.

    The CTRL+ALT+DEL button is there so that you can log on to windows at boot without needing the keyboard. I'm sitting typing this on an Acer tablet with the same thing.


  7. heystoopid


    Hmmm , to me in some ways the product specification would be closer to the two year older Toshiba Portege M200 Tablet PC in size and mass and missing optical drive .

    The hard drive is a 1.8 inch unit so is limited in capacity and choice of suppliers for replacement units and is or will be replaced by a solid state unit within the products life time.

    However , the other thing is that the unit can be downgraded as an option from Vista to Windows XP Tablet PC as is now being demanded by all corporate and business unit or bulk sales (chain store over the counter sales will not be so lucky in that aspect)!

    It is also certified for SuSe Linux installation as well for sales to all German Municipal Authorities who have ditched Windoze (must have fixed that certain HP Bios Bug?)!

    I wonder if they have that neat spiffy docking station Toshiba sold that enable to switch from portrait to landscape or back and install an additional hard drive in it's base and use an external keyboard .

    As always , you pays your money and takes your choice .


  8. John

    why the keyboard?

    Call me back when you don't need the keyboard anymore!

    That said, I paid a similar price for a BlackBook just over a year ago. If I didn't have the Mac I'd be very tempted by this sort of computer.

  9. Albert Gonzalez

    Another HP laptop is better

    I'm writing from an HP tx1320. Far better specs, far better performance, fingerprint scanner, DVD writer, 2Gb ram, 250GB HDD, 2 x turion, price < 1000€.

    Debian installed, not even one problem. The downside is very poor battery life (2hrs).

    Battery is so awful that HP gives the laprop with BOTH 4 cell & 6 cell battery.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    the tx1320 is hardly a tablet/umpc even if they try and call it one.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    The tx1320 is also a million miles away in terms of quality. Still, you pays your money...

  12. b


    i just bought an HP TX1340EA, VERY similar. twisty screen (of dubious benefit), touch screen (which has a weird slightly silvery sheen to it, which messes up colour representation a bit), but is a nice little box, for £700, considerably less than this, admittedly nice looking box.

    windows was originally written on compaq hardware, so it always used to run best on it, tho what actually runs at all on vista is up for debate, atm! (probs with SP1, already!)

    i always found the compaq brand to be usually better, stronger build.

    i love these new tiny laptops'. imo it's what laptops should always have been, not vying for desktop business!

    btw, i'm collecting stories about baby laptops:

    if anyone has any others they think should be considered, you're welcome to let me know or post there ;)

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