back to article McCain taps Fiorina

Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina may be warming up that vice president seat. The Republican National Committee has tapped Fiorina as its Victory Chairman. In this role, Fiorina will travel about the country, celebrating the glories of Republican presidential candidate John McCain. Fiorina has worked for other Republican big-whigs …


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  1. Alan Donaly

    Ashlee bad visuals

    thanks a lot I will be seeing it in my nightmares.

  2. yeah, right.


    Please tell me you're kidding, right? Pulling my leg? Having a piss? Fiorina? Ms illegal surveillance herself? Is the American public memory THAT short?

    Oh. Wait. Yes it is. So it's possible. I guess they really do deserve whatever government gets in. I just hope that the rest of us deserve whatever the Americans decide to inflict on more civilized places.

  3. wim
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    Maybe she will promote a merger between companies and governement ?

    That way you can avoid all those pesky rules (make new legislation or just suspend the existing legislation) about competition and privacy.

  4. heystoopid
    Paris Hilton


    Maybe , he needs her to head up the new "Spy on Everyone/Trust No One Department" to replace the slipshod brown shirted TSA and the other department that seems to lose track of new satellites ?

    Better be careful though , when she has a hair appointment at eleven the two pm shift will be shovelled out the door with their red slips in hand and a one way ticket to GITMO !

  5. Henry Cobb
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    Isn't Veep a demotion from Princess?

    McCain can't win by playing the experience card against Obama if his pick has no foreign policy experience.

    To win this year he'll need to use every dirty trick in the book and that includes playing the black/brown divide against Obama.

    Therefore his pick should be a Hispanic who is solid on social conservative issues, like Mario Diaz-Balart.

  6. John Savard

    Everybody but the Obvious

    There was an article on the BBC site about who McCain might choose as his running mate.

    They considered many people, including Carly Fiorina's predecessor, Condoleeza Rice. They considered Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee.

    But, for some reason, they didn't mention the obvious choice from among his opponents in the primaries - Rudy Giuliani, Mayor of New York on September 11, 2001.

  7. James Anderson

    Trigger change.

    Roughly translated "I want my yaught moved back to the east coast".

  8. JeffyPooh
    Paris Hilton


    Because of her, I STILL refuse to buy HP.

  9. Magellan

    Pretexting Scandal was not Initiated by Fiorina

    Kidding is confusing which power-mad female board member was behind the pretexting scandal.

    Fiorina was canned in February 2005. The board investigation which caused the pretexting scandal was started in response to a CNet article about an HP board meeting almost a year later under new CEO Mark Hurd.

    The woman behind the pretexting scandal was HP board chair Patricia Dunn, ironically the same woman who conspired to get Fiorina fired, and who became HP's board chair by ousting Fiorina.

  10. Harris Upham


    Wait, this is the same Fiorina known for spending piles of shareholder money to explicitly break privacy laws in the course of hostile actions against the press?

    Someone who is willing to accept a bad business deal on a poorly defined contract to do illegal work against a group that's in the business of keeping score and telling everyone about it?

    Yeah, that's EXACTLY what any presidential hopeful needs to shine up their campaign...

  11. Andy Dingley
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    Why change a winning strategy?

    Fiorina's first policy:

    Alaska is to be sold off as Agilaska

    Fiorina's 2nd policy:

    The USA is now too short on cold inhospitable moosefarms, so they're to merge wiith Canada.

  12. Tim Coughlin

    A pity...

    And here I was hoping that Sarah Palin might be in the running for VP. Well, time shall tell.

  13. Keith Williams
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    @Why change a winning strategy?

    "Fiorina's 2nd policy:

    The USA is now too short on cold inhospitable moosefarms, so they're to merge wiith Canada."

    No thanks.

  14. Ishkandar

    Attention Canuckistan !!

    Old Carly is a dab hand at hostile mergers and takeovers !! So watch it, mates !! She's also obsessed with printers and you guys have a convenient supply of pre-paper (wood) !!

  15. Franko Davidson

    Two losses don't make a win

    Wow, she ruined Lucent, then she ruined HP and now they are going to let her ruin the United States.

  16. Jay

    Slow down

    Fiorina was a failure. But she wasn't the illegal surveillance failure that everyone seems to think she was.

  17. Tim Petlock
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    American "public memory" LOL

    The American public's memory is about 30 seconds long for most stuff unless it involves a "wardrobe malfunction." Nobody outside of IT or corporate execs who'd vote Republican anyway (their kids have college paid for, don't need to serve in the military...) have any idea who Fiorina is.

    They'll have huge cost savings when she outsources most government paper-pushing functions to India. Then there'll be a scandal when it's discovered that the outsourced immigration personnel fast-tracked H1B and student visas in exchange for small gifts.

    Patricia Dunn will be scooped up on a pretexted then immediately classified secret telephonic warrant supposedly issued by a federal judge who later turns out to have been on vacation. But that won't come out for 30 years until it's declassified. She'll wind up as the newest resident of Guantanamo. Fiorina will personally waterboard her.

  18. Retired
    Gates Horns

    Mr Retired HP

    I can only thank Bill and Dave for building a company that took such good care of us as to allow me to early retire once the EGO FROM HELL took over.

    Bill and Dave made it a point to respect everyone in their employ and regularly talked with everyone in the halls and made it a point for all to know their office door was always open. Carly on the other hand, made it a point for all to know she was above them and that to fear her was in their best interest. I saw the Devil Wears Prada for the first time and thought, my josh, they made a movie about Carly!

    So to conclude my little rant, I cannot and will not be a part of helping her get to a position of real power, I will be voting Democratic for the very first time if she shows up on the ticket. I still have this uneasy feeling she will be involved in McCanes administration and that may be enough to vote for Hilary...

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Horns

    For the Republican's next tech celebrity appointment

    Bill Gates chosen to lead the new initiative on humanising the government bureaucracy...

  20. skeptical i

    i have fear

    Since McCain is still thought of as "maverick" and "independent" despite embarassing sucking up to the flaming fundies he once (to his credit) denounced as agents of intolerance, falling down on torture regulations, et cetera (did someone say Murkins have ADD on a mass scale?), having someone "from the business community" on the ticket wouldn't hurt his chances in November (especially if this person is female, to try to swipe votes from folks who are not thrilled with Hillary but would vote for her to put a woman in the Shitehouse). One would hope that an investigation similar to that which lacerated Mondale's runningmate Geraldine Ferraro in 1984 (there was weirdness with either her or her spouse's tax returns) would be launched into Fiorina's past business dealings but given who 0wn5 the media, who knows.

  21. gollux
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    Rush is right...

    Vote Hillary for 2008.

  22. Anonymous Coward
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    love it

    I for one think it's great. She's a good visionary, sharp, excellent speaker.

  23. Bobbe Bennett

    Fiorina and McCain

    there are THOUSANDS of people from HP and Lucent, where Carly left her mark, that will NOT VOTE FOR MCCAIN IF CARLY IS INVOLVED. AND, will switch their affiliation from republican to democrat.

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