back to article Man webcams butt in Burnout Paradise prang rage

So what do you do if you get beaten at Burnout Paradise by a youngster? If 12-year-old Najee Kennedy's experience is anything to go by, you plug your webcam into your PS3 and give the victor a look at your butt. Kennedy told New York newschannel CBS 2 HD what some guy did to him after he thrashed the man in said online PS3 …


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  1. Mark
    Gates Horns

    360 has it also

    Not just a "feature" of the PS3 version, it's also in the 360 version, and could have just as easilly happened there. Infact there are more idiots on Xbox Live, so actually it's more likely to happen there anyway...

  2. Ben James
    Black Helicopters

    Come on!

    Me and a few of my friends play Burnout Paradise online and all three of us have the PS eye. One of my friends is partial to the odd moon when he gets taken down. Most the players who have mics laugh and take it all in good fun. I myself don't brandish my bare behind on camera but if you give an idiot a camera then the odd moon is to be expected. People who get offended by these sort of things shouldn't play online. Interesting to see what the police will do on this one

  3. dervheid
    Paris Hilton

    Serves him right...

    if the cops do 'bust his ass!' Clearly unfit to be behind the (virtual) wheel. If that's how he reacts to a GAME, how's he gonna react if someone cuts him up in real traffic?

    (Thinks - "Falling Down")

    Being cynical, I'm expecting a flush of copycat Arseholes!

    Paris, coz most folks have already seen her butt.

  4. Ryan

    Oh Boo Hoo

    If it was a females arse they would not complain.

    Its only a laugh, too many people are jumping on the whole "sexual content" wagon these days.

  5. HFoster


    Not particularly newsworthy that a grown man was n00b enough to get schooled by a child and then bare his arse in defiance. What is he, a flipping baboon?

  6. Anonymous Coward


    bummer, dude...

    Just grab one, I don't care which...

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Xbox Live is full of assholes

    but that is ok apparently.

  8. N1AK

    Love to see this in court

    It could make for a very interesting case. In one sense the idiot mooning didn't actually send the kid the picture, it was in fact sent because of the kids action (taking down his car).

    On the other hand his actions show intent (as it would be hard to argue he normally plays while displaying his nether regions to the camera).

    The sooner people realise everything they do online is not anon the better.

  9. Andy

    Well? What do you do?

    There's only one thing worse than being beaten by a 12yr old.

    And that's being beaten by a 12yr old american. Tax? Cancer?

    Ex Wifes? Nope, none of them quite reach the insult of being

    30-something and being beaten by a mouthy american.

  10. Michael Habel Silver badge
    Paris Hilton


    I mean just ~how many~ Exposed Rumps do they show on CBS in any given year anyway?

    Personally I find this quite amusing actually.

    I think the Parent's should grow up and get a pair, doesn't the über leet PS3 have some kind or ignore or ban list?

    With all the "Updates" that S0NY like to do with there latest Gadgets, we should assume that it'll be made available for all those outraged Merikan Parents in due course!

    PH Icon, cause she'd be welcome to send me a Pic of her Rump!!

  11. Andrew Bell

    Um, right...

    So, how exactly is this hardware news? Come to think of it, how exactly is this news at all?

    I think you're being a little behind in your reporting.

    Mine's the one with the brown smear...

  12. Joe K

    Oh great

    I bet it won't be long before Jack Thompson shows up to try and get Burnout banned.

    Oh and webcams, and the Internets, its the only way to be sure.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Halo

    @ Mark

    Quote: "Not just a "feature" of the PS3 version, it's also in the 360 version, and could have just as easilly happened there. Infact there are more idiots on Xbox Live, so actually it's more likely to happen there anyway..."

    I'll bet you've seen an arse appearing on the TV screen during a PS3 session.

    Of course in your case it would have been a reflection of your face...

  14. Lickass McClippers

    Reminds me...

    ...of the good old days playing BHD. Someone (who got copy catted many times over) called themselves "A 6 Yr Old Girl".

    Long and short, when you got whacked by them, it would read;

    <playername> was killed by A 6 Yr Old Girl...

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Am I the only one who read "Burnout" as "Bumout" ? The rn runs together, especially when italicised.

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    lol @ Sony fanboys

    Why has this story turned into an XBox vs. Sony thing, it was irrelevant to the story.

    As it has though I'll gladly point out that this would actually not happen on XBox live if parents are responsible because it has proper parental controls to prevent against this thing. I'm not sure that the PS3 has similar parental controls.

  17. dervheid

    @ Ben James

    "One of my friends is partial to the odd moon when he gets taken down"

    "give an idiot a camera then the odd moon is to be expected"

    "People who get offended by these sort of things shouldn't play online"


    Infantile Arseholes who behave like this shouldn't play online.

    It's not big, and it's not clever, it's merely an indicator of your complete and utter lack of maturity.

  18. DPWDC
    Paris Hilton

    Games Rating

    During the ratings screen when the game is loading, you get a very large disclaimer telling you that "game experience may change during online play"

    The police surelly have no leg to stand on here??! Like Ryan said, they are just jumping on the sexual content wagon - 99% of the time when you play on line someones shouting AH FOR F***S SAKE when they are playing badly - this guy just did it in a strange way!

    Paris has unleased more than her arse on the web!

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I just wish more of this type of n00bish stuff was an arestable offence.

    There is few things more anoying than some kid hurling abuse at you when you are on there team and the team is loosing, esp when it is a game where there is text chat only and you know that you are loosing because of one or two n00bs are typing abuse.

    They spoile it for the rest of us.

  20. Rob Crawford

    @Ben James

    OK so your mate shows his arse to you, thats great in a closed game between mates.

    But lets face it why should I have to look at some morons arse because he dosn't like getting beaten.

    FFS he is the one that needs to grow up not the 12 year old boy that dared to beat him, or the lads father that objects to his son seeing a baboons arse

    If somebody did that to my son, I would quite happily persue MS till the ban the twat from Xbox Live

    Plus he was probably facing the wrong direction to play the game properly

  21. Andy Turner

    It's great fun!

    Been doing this for weeks, it's great fun. You don't have to have been 'beaten' in a race, you only have to get crashed into hard in free roaming mode. Of course people give you the finger when you do it, it's funny! Insults escolate of course, but I've only ever seen it done in good spirits.

    Problem is, you have no idea what the age of the people you're connected to are and you can't even wait until late at night - you might be connecting to someone in a different timezone. The game itself is only "3+", too.

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The real question is...

    ...should 12 year olds have access to webcams or webcam-enabled services?

  23. bobbles31

    PS3 Oversight, Oversensitive Players and Parental Responsibility

    OK, on the PS3 vs Xbox debate, the XBox won't send video footage to someone that doesn't have a live cam. That may seem odd, but by buying a camera you are accepting that people are going to send (potentially obscence) footage. If you want to other peoples assholes on Xbox Live, get a camera and go play UNO. I'll say no more on the point.

    Playing online is like going up to seven complete strangers out of the thousands in Trafalgar Square and asking to play twister. There is always going to be some bar steward that cops an unwanted grope. If you are sensitive and don't like getting groped, only play with people that you know.

    Finally, there is no substitute for parental protection. This was a twelve year old left alone with internet access (the PS3 has a built in browser too). If you are uncomfortable grabbing seven strangers in Trafalgar Square, chances are you wouldn't let your twelve year old. In this instance there are two things you can do

    1) Don't let your 12 year old on the Internet unattended.

    2) The 1st option is a cure all for all your childs internet woes, howeve, if you want something more specific for Burnout Paradise turn the fecking Camera Feed Off, which is an option in the game.


  24. dervheid

    @ bobbles 31

    "1) Don't let your 12 year old on the Internet unattended."

    I'm presuming, that if the kid's father saw the offending "Arsehole", he was there.

    "2) The 1st option is a cure all for all your childs internet woes, howeve, if you want something more specific for Burnout Paradise turn the fecking Camera Feed Off, which is an option in the game."

    Now, not being familiar with the set up, enlighten me, does "turn the fecking Camera Feed Off" turn off the outgoing camera only or both?

    "Playing online is like going up to seven complete strangers out of the thousands in Trafalgar Square and asking to play twister."

    No it F***ING ISN'T. If you did, you would have a degree of control over the people you pick (ie, you can usually tell what sex / age group they fit into, which you can't online), not be presented with a presumably random series of profiles. However,

    "There is always going to be some bar steward that cops an unwanted grope" is actually quite incisive in the context of a paedo masquerading as your "average gamer".

    "Finally, there is no substitute for parental protection"

    Correct. And if this kid's parent is persuing this Arsehole along with the relevant law enforcement agencies then good on him. It should be seen as a warning to the idiot minority that this kind of behavior is NOT ACCEPTABLE.

  25. jonathan spooner

    Oh this is stupid

    Would these parents be happy their child playing football with grown men/strangers in the street? no they would not so whats so different here? noone is forcing them to allow their child to play.

  26. Andy Turner

    Does that work?

    "2) The 1st option is a cure all for all your childs internet woes, howeve, if you want something more specific for Burnout Paradise turn the fecking Camera Feed Off, which is an option in the game"

    AFAIK that only stops the image from your own camera from being sent. I don't think it affects whether or not you receive images that people send you. Maybe Criterion will put out a patch that allows you to turn off images being received.

  27. Fluffykins

    We need a new icon






  28. Tim Donovan
    Paris Hilton

    To be fair

    I've played xbox live and they have different categories for different groups including ones such as family and also an underground one as well. I know this isn't foolproof but it at least allows some type of filtering of age (but it's totally voluntary so not great).

    I've never played a PS 3 online but does this have the same functionality? If it doesn't then perhaps this is sometihng that Sony could take onboard?

    Also would give the mooner a leg top stand on (slightly).

    But yeah, he's totally out of line for doing that, you should take into account that there are people may not liek that sort of thing, and stick to it with mates only.

    Paris cos she's already been online with her arse

  29. Law
    Paris Hilton

    erm, hang on

    Exposing your knob to kids in public would outrage most decent people, so why is this any different just because it's via a console.

    The problem is that the idiots who shout racial abuse, team kill and flash on camera see it as part of the game - the shock appeal of that stuff causes some laughs with people - and the cries of the people who find it annoying just makes them do it more. I bet he wouldn't go to a school, and if some 12 yr old beats him at football rips his pants down and waves his bits to the kids and parents, or screams racially or homophobic abuse at them. Or threaten to murder them (Somebodies threatened me like that when destroying them in gears of war - it was awsome! lol).

    At the end of the day - If some 12 year old kid calls me a noob or something worst I'm gonna react, but not to the point where I'm as much of a tosser as them.... normally by bringing others into it and bullying them out of the game or getting them booted. But if they've done nothing more than show that playing game 8 hours a day makes them better at it than me then why would you even bother reacting?!

    The flasher guy is obviously a moron - I hope he gets a fine and banned from ps3/xbox live for life. One last idiot to ignore online! :)

    Paris - cos she flashed at me once!! :D

  30. Stone Fox


    Grow a sense of humour!

  31. Patrick R


    I'm presuming, that if the kid's father saw the offending "Arsehole", he was there.

    Such a small article, you could have read it before commenting.

    I bet the kid had seen tons of horrors before thanks to the webcam but never told his parents.

  32. Iain

    PS3/XBox differences?

    I don't have a PS3 yet (I'm waiting until (a) I get to the end of the big pile of unwatched HD-DVDs I currently have, (b) the white one comes out in the US and (c) April pay packet comes along), but at least as far as the 360 goes then:

    1) you have to choose to accept vidcam images from people not on your Friends list to have this sort of thing happen (or at least have Friends you can't trust to be more reasonable). In fact, it's possible to not even accept voice from strangers if you get tired of being sworn at by American teenagers.

    2) there is easily enough evidence here for the complaining parent to go straight to Microsoft and get the perp an immediate life Live ban.

    I'm surprised this doesn't go for PSN access as well, if it doesn't. Or is this just another case of outraged parents thinking that a phone call to the nearest tabloid is more sensible than the people in charge of the offending service?

  33. Highlander
    Paris Hilton


    1) yes the game points out that the online experience is unrated, specifically because the webcam/headset make it impossible to govern what happens online.

    2) Yes you can turn off your own camera. I can't remember whether you can turn off the incoming smug shots, Definitely a question for Criterion.

    3) Exposing yourself in a public or private setting to a minor actually constitutes a sex crime in most western nations. It doesn't matter whether you do it by webcam or in public, the offense will be the same.

    4) A brief note for budding exhibitionists Playstation Network IDs are fixed and registered. You can create a sub account that has a different screen name to your actual master account, but the two tie back together. The system maintains a list of those people you've played against, and Burnout Paradise keeps a cache of the most recent smug shots and takedown images along with the players PSN tag. So It's a pretty simple matter to establish that a) someone did this and b) who it was (screenname/PSN id). Sony will then be more than happy to comply with any court backed request for the identity behind the PSN-id. End result? Any twit stupid enough to expose themselves on a public Playstation Network webcam feed runs the risk of being branded a sex criminal.

    We have Burnout Paradise (my wife is almost as much of a regular playing it as I am) and my wife collects Barbie Dolls (the collectible variety). So we set up a 'Take Down' sign and a couple of cheer-leading Barbies so that we can send a harmless image to people. The reaction of other players is often hilarious. I set up my cheer-leader with a Barbie sized Washington Redskins jersey featuring the current QBs number. We have had people describe them as 'sexy' Cheerleaders (we think that players in question need to get out more). That wasn't quite the aim, we just wanted some funny image to send.

    I have a feeling that you can restrict camera feeds to friends only, so the 'answer' to this, both on PS3 and 360 I suspect, is to alter the settings on the camera feeds.

    Paris, because I have a great new idea for a "take-down" image...

  34. Rob Crawford

    Parental Filters or not


    I have a certain amount of filtering on my sons XBox Live accoiunt, even then assholes sneak through, you know the sort of thing friend of a friend.

    However it's one thing to mutter ffs when you get beaten, but it's another thing when it comes to a stream of abuse, active bullying (by inviting mates around to kill one particular player), or kicking a player becasue they are better thn you.

    I have played games (card, RPGs & board games) ehere particular people tip the table over and accuse everybody of cheating cos theyre not winning.

    Online it's no differrent and those individuals should be banned from any service where their behavour is unacceptable.

    As I said before

  35. Mark

    Something i snot right about this story...

    Everyone knows that Xboxes are for kids, and PS3 is for grown up kids.

  36. dervheid

    @ Stone Fox

    I consider myself to HAVE a well developed, mature sense of humour. For example, I find "The Office" to be one of the least humerous series I have ever had the misfortune to view.

    I am, however, mildly amused by your monicker, which could possibly be an allusion to one of the following.

    Stone Fox, by John Reynolds Gardiner (a story about "ten year old Willy")

    Stone Fox (Chase) by Charlie McCoy (a well known blues harp tune, theme for "The Old Grey Whistle Test")

    Given the content and context of the original article, coupled with your suggestion that I should get a sense of humour, the former could be construed as vauguely humerous, if rather puerile. I find the second an improbability.

    If we are to presume that you intend that I should develop the same sense of 'humour' as demonstrated by the cretin in the article (and others of that ilk), where it is deemed not only acceptable for a grown man to expose his arse and genitalia to a child via a (relatively) public network, but is considered the pinnacle of amusement and hilarity, then I must refuse your generous offer, as I find my current sense of humour more than adequate.

  37. Mad Hacker

    @ The real question is

    The real question is...

    Anonymous Coward • Monday 10th March 2008 12:57 GMT

    ...should 12 year olds have access to webcams or webcam-enabled services?

    Actually you are right, children should have their eyes removed until they are 18. How is a webcam different from seeing the world? Can you encounter mooning in the real world? Yes.

  38. jai

    for the world to see

    trouble is - this kind of stuff is going to end up posted to sites like this:

    that said, this kind of antic brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "you want the moon on a stick....."

  39. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Silver lining

    Well thank f**k the kid wasn't playing with Goatse...

  40. Anonymous Coward

    @dervheid re: @Stone Fox

    Welcome to the Internet, land of the goatse landmine. Never mind that you're new: we Vulture pundits -really- do love to elucidate (and possibly educate, but not necessarily).

    It'll proceed like this. Sony will claim "common-common carrier" on this, and wash _its_ hands of any "content" violation. The ISPs in common will claim "common carrier" on this, and wash _their_ hands of any "content" violation. On its own, the "offended" node must somehow effect discovery process of, then sue the "offender" node - "somewhere" (E. Texas, USA??). Else... /dev/null. Until Sony goes SSL/VPN/provable-P2P with Xbox, Sony will always remain above any "content" fray using its products. (Not just Sony: All other meta-meta-content providers too.)

    Data communication v. US tort law. Again, welcome to Internet transport for convenience, but don't enjoy your stay. :-/

  41. SkipEU

    @ Perspective

    ... Perspective said ... "3) Exposing yourself in a public or private setting to a minor actually constitutes a sex crime in most western nations. It doesn't matter whether you do it by webcam or in public, the offense will be the same."

    That is simply not true. That is true only in english speaking countries, which are feared of every nudity. For you English people, how is simple nudity a sex crime anyway? So with all our European nude beaches where kids also pass by all naked people are criminals? Grow up...

  42. SkipEU

    @ Highlander

    Butt is not even a sexual organ so can be legally shown anywhere in Europe. Funny that people make problems of some joke... it was only a joke, nothing more.

  43. Maksim Rukov

    in posterity

    This article cracked me up! Though I don't think the same reaction would've be had by Gordon Brown, aye?

    Some gamer behaved like an ass, that's all. To be fair the kid didn't just dent both cars, he bloodly well wrecked 'em. But -- for newsworthiness we're scraping the bottom. Wipe any respect I had for El Reg.

    Watch the fanboys rear their heads (the cheek!), as always they're right behind any bit of console news, though they scant realise they're the butt of our jokes.

    Wait... that's no moon!

    Mine's the one with the roll of toilet paper in the pocket.

  44. dervheid

    @ Mad Hacker

    "How is a webcam different from seeing the world?"

    The 'viewer' is (generally) at the mercy of the camera operator, in this case, a cretin.

    "Can you encounter mooning in the real world? Yes"

    Indeed. however, if you were to 'moon' a child on a city street, getting arrested for, and charged with, indecent exposure should be the result. As it should here.

  45. Highlander


    Did you read the story? Twit.

    The story quite clearly states genitalia were shown. That's not simply an arse, though that would certainly be an apt description for the moron who did this. I suspect that it might fit you as well since you apparently feel a need to defend the idiot.

    I realize that you may be more immune to the shock value than most, but perhaps you'd like to explain how having someones huge smelly arse shoved in your face can be anything other than offensive? You mention nude beaches. Fine, there's topless ones as well. However it's all about context. You go to a nude beach or a topless beach and you know what you are going to see, you know what is expected. However you don't expect to be flashed by some twit when you're walking along the street, or looking out your window, or playing a video game. I dare say that if you wandered up to someone's home anywhere in the western world and plastered your bare buttocks against their living room window while the family were settling in to watch TV, you would at least be fined, and in some of the more draconian countries you might find a nasty sounding conviction on your record.

    Tell you what, why don't you go try that? Then try your arguments about nude beaches on the judge. Go on, see how far you get.

    It's not about the fear of nudity, it's about context. In the same nations that have nude beaches you can most definitely be arrested for flashing people. Just because a nation has nude/topless beaches and topless models on page three of their daily newspapers, does that mean that flashers are not committing a crime? Why not whip yourself out on the train on the way home and see what happens? Or do you fear the consequences?

    As it happens in this case this idiot was almost certainly using a picture of a bare arse rather than jumping up and downing trou in time for the camera to snap a picture. There's simply not enough time to do that. Besides I know someone who took the time to obtain the PSN-ID in question, added the freak as a friend and manages to capture a takedown picture to see what the fuss was about. It's definitely a situation where the person has their PSEye focused on a picture of someone mooning. Wasn't you by any chance was it?

  46. Tim
    Black Helicopters

    On the internet...

    people tend to be more "ballzy" because they believe they have the cover of obscurity and anonimity. While that is a fallacy it is a widely accepted fallacy so expect much more mooning but please think about the children and disconnect the camera.

  47. Michael

    Really Come on whats the big deal

    I play this game online every now and then on the ps3 and before it came out i played it online with the demo.

    And all the time i have People Yelling F**k off F**k You when i take them down and if they had a web cam i would get the fingers or the middle finger and i can deffently say that we these to idiots where playing the game online (probably not there first time playing it online) they had this happen to them as well.

    But to the point is this not a little bit more offence then some guy mooning them. oh wait he probably had a hairy arse well boo f***ing hoo he could shave it. No need to get the bloody police involed.

    And if the game gives a snap shot feature you know someones going to get a bit crazy so what the developers knew this would happen Everyone knew this was going to happen if i had the cam i would probably go a bit crazy its a bloody toy it was a image. The kids dad is probably a horny old git lol and in his time as looked at more graphic porno images on the net but when his kid has seen someones ass he flips. The kid has probably mooned cars on back of the bus. I have in primary school im 19 now every one has been f**king mooned.


    Jesus christ

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