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Forget the grand project to electronify the NHS. The real technology-induced medical changes will come from elsewhere. For example, something you've probably never thought about when you went in for a flu shot: how does the World Health Organisation decide which of the many strains to vaccinate against? The answer turns out …


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  1. Christoph

    Sounds like a great idea

    "How about being able to tune precisely how much risk a person is willing to take?"

    Tune up your soldiers before sending them into combat, so they don't have all these silly selfish ideas about trying to avoid getting themselves killed?

  2. Spleen

    Risk adjustment

    City traders was my thought. Up for the hedge fund types, down for the pension fund managers. More precise than the current system (cocaine).

  3. Troy Shanahan

    How long before we hear...

    ..I'm in ur brains, reading all ur impulses?

    Mine's the white one with overly long sleeves and leather straps.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture


    What does flu virus strain innoculation analysis have to do with artificial brain function? At all? And why do we care what the media lab does? Your saying the retards that bring us hopping alarm clocks and talking houses are going to knock out the first true artificial intelligence? This article is the worst I've ever seen on the Reg I think.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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